The Ed Morrissey Show: NRSC, RNC, & King Update

Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), John Randall of the NRSC and Liz Mair of the RNC are my guests. We’ll talk about the latest in Republican efforts for the 2008 election with both, complete with some key Al Franken coverage. I’ll also review more of the Wright Stuff fallout, and more!

Gary Gross has posted the latest update on King Banaian’s recovery. I spoke with King briefly this morning, and he sounds cheerful but very tired. The gallbladder was much worse than anyone thought, and the surgery turned out to be much more urgent. However, he is expecting a full recovery, and may come home this weekend, which is great news. Keep up the prayers; King asked me to send his appreciation for them.

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