The Dean-Dowd standard, applied to Democrats

Earlier today, I noted that the DNC has refused to stop airing false and misleading ads against John McCain, basically blowing their budget on the destruction of their own credibility. Jon Henke at QandO writes that we’re looking at this all wrong. Howard Dean, by channeling Maureen Dowd, has opened a wide range of possibilities for Republicans in the presidential race:

Josh Marshall, on the DNC’s new anti-McCain ad

“Completely … Whining”

Josh Marshall also claims it shows…

“Completely honest … Republicans”

The above quotes are every bit as reasonable and accurate as the quotes in the commercial that Josh Marshall cites.

This sounds like fun! Let’s try applying it to the Democrats running for President. Hillary Clinton, in her appearance at an AFL-CIO function in Pennsylvania, said this about working-class Americans:

Truck drivers in Harrisburg … are pretty … and they were … busy holding hands with the Saudis.

Okay, that’s a little strange. I doubt the Teamsters would have put up with that. How about this?

Since my husband got out of full time public service, he’s actually … been a more anti-union, anti-labor president[.]

An admission against interest! Well, the Left claims Hillary has become a Republican. They’ll love that quote. But what about Barack Obama? Did you notice this quote from yesterday’s press conference?

Trinity United Church of Christ … is … giving comfort to those who prey on hate.

And then there’s this admission:

[M]y values and beliefs … that’s political posturing.

Hey, Jon’s right — this can be fun, and enlightening too.