Pray for the King

Viewers and listeners of my show are familiar with my friend King Banaian of SCSU Scholars. He has appeared many times to explain economics; he’s the house expert on the subject, being the chair of the Economics Department at St. Cloud State University. He can explain economics so that laymen can understand it, and do so in an entertaining and compelling manner.

Tonight, though, King could use prayers and thoughts of everyone here at Hot Air. His co-blogger Janet explains:

King is in the hospital at this time and won’t be blogging for a while. We’d talked Saturday morning – he’d landed in the hospital then with some stomach problems. He’s on a restricted diet so stomach issues cannot be ignored. He was feeling better and they could find no source of the problem. He came to the Twin Cities to do his afternoon radio show, drove back to St. Cloud only to return to the hospital on Saturday night.

Tests run today indicate his problem is his gall bladder. He’ll wait for surgery because he is now running a fever and having heart palpitations. His St. Cloud blogging buddy, Gary Gross, has information here.

King and I used to partner up with Mitch Berg on the NARN broadcasts until we split the NARN shows into two-hour blocs, and King paired up with Michael Brodkorb. I’ve known him for almost five years through the blogs and the radio show, and he’s one of the sharpest people in the business. More than anything else, King’s a great friend — the kind of man who brings energy and enthusiasm to every conversation and makes friends with everyone in earshot.

Keep a good man and his family in your prayers and thoughts tonight. Many thanks in advance for your support.