Gee, why doesn't the Left resonate with Americans?

For those who thought Crackerquiddick was a mere rhetorical stumble instead of a revealing moment for hard-Left liberal elites, Randi Rhodes comes along today to remove all doubt. According to reports, she led off her Nova-M radio show today with an explanation for Hillary Clinton’s big win in Pennsylvania last night. It didn’t come from her hard work in voter turnout or her better performance in last Wednesday’s debate. No — Hillary dove into the racial dumpster to get a 10-point win:

The Clinton campaign describes Hillary’s voters as older, white, and undereducated. Or as we called them in my neighborhood: white trash.

According to MyDD diarist Ryeland, Rhodes followed this trenchant trashy analysis by accusing Hillary of being elitist, running off of her own money for the Presidency. Of course, Rhodes lost her job at Air America three weeks ago for calling Hillary and Geraldine Ferraro “f***ing whores”. Here’s the video on that incident, and it’s decidedly NSFW:

So Hillary is both a whore and an elitist? That’s a neat, er, trick. Who is she, Sidney Biddle Barrows?

And the hard Left wonders why they lose elections. It’s not because they’re misunderstood. It’s because we understand their hatred all too well. I’m just hoping that Nova-M keeps her on the air, because she’s so useful for anthropological study of the extreme liberal elite. (via TMV)