Sugar mommy? From the party of feminists?

Allahpundit noted earlier the first attack ad from David Brock and his Progressive Media USA, the $40 million attack project for Democrats against Republicans. What did all that money buy? A lame Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous parody tweaking John McCain for marrying a rich woman, complete with a very bad Robin Leach accent. Take another look at the ad and ask yourself what Brooks et al see as McCain’s major sin:

McCain had the temerity to marry a strong, successful woman without feeling somehow emasculated by it. Now pardon this child of the 70s, but I recall hearing feminists castigate men for feeling threatened by successful women. The patriarchy supposedly oppressed women because they feared losing economic power over their spouses. I believe the exact allegation was that Men keep women barefoot and pregnant, and in the kitchen.

Men who didn’t feel threatened by successful women were supposedly enlightened. Men who allowed women to control their own fortunes were supposedly the most enlightened. Now Democrats want to haul out the chauvunistic taunt of “kept man” and “sugar mommy” against McCain for having been enlightened enough to do both?

Wow. That takes some …. nerve.