New DNC ad: Even the AP isn't buying

Via Jim Geraghty, the AP has some trouble choking on the DNC’s Sing-Along with Obama ad. They use the same misleading snippets of John McCain’s comments on the economy as Barack Obama, even after Obama’s version got thoroughly debunked. The AP calls this “commonplace”, but that hardly sounds like Hope and Change does it?

As Jim Geraghty says:

I would note, this selective quoting has become commonplace among the Democrats. McCain hasn’t run a negative ad yet, and to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think he’s quoted either of his opponents on the campaign trail. (If someone remembers McCain offering a similar half-quote of Obama, let me know.)

Is this the way they’re going to play it? They can’t score points on what McCain actually argues, so they have to take part of his answer, cut off the rest, and hope nobody notices?

It shows a recognition of the predicament in which Howard Dean finds himself. He has two lightweight candidates who have to square off against a Republican with more experience than both combined. McCain hasn’t made any mistakes, so instead of waiting for one, both Obama and the DNC have decided to make one up out of whole cloth.

If this is all they can do, it’s going to be a long and brutal 2008.