Video: Dem campaign strategists in whine-fest

Nothing makes a Sunday better than a little fine whine tasting, and Meet the Press served a vintage example today. David Axelrod of Barack Obama’s campaign faced off against Hillary Clinton’s new chief strategist Geoff Garin, apparently to determine which candidate had been victimized more than the other. Here’s a clip from their joint appearance, where Axelrod presses Garin on whether Hillary ran a “100% negative” ad in Pennsylvania this weekend:

Well, so what if she did? Obama has insisted that he doesn’t take money from lobbyists, a completely laughable lie. A number of his bundlers come from the lobbying industry, and Obama himself held a September 2007 fundraiser in Jack Abramoff’s former lobbying firm, garnering $125,000. Both campaigns have conducted negative advertising, and for both strategists to cry about it on national TV would embarrass anyone — except maybe a Democrat.

Keep watching, folks. These are the same people who will work at defending this nation from terrorists if either of them beat John McCain. For my money, I’ll take a little temper over a couple of whiny crybabies.