Video: Microsoft's Ecosystem Rocks! (Because they say so, that's why!)

It’s hard to find a starting place to describe the cluelessness of this motivational video produced by Microsoft for the Vista SP1 sales team. Is it the takeoff on a video first seen before Microsoft introduced Windows at all? Is it the lame Bruce Springsteen impersonator? Does the wanna-be Courtney Cox taking to the stage take the cake? Or is it the overall tone that Vista’s “ecosystem” rocks — against all popular comment about it — finally provoke the gag reflex?

In my opinion, one cannot separate the elements into differing levels of staggering cluelessness. They blend into a gigantic gestalt of self-delusion that can only make the rest of us Vista users wonder whether Redmond ganja is really that good. A few of the people in this video look like they have partaken of it a little too often. Most of us wish they would go back just a few years ago to XP, rather than all the way back to 1984. What’s next — a kickoff video for DOS 8.0?

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET