Red Meat Alert: Flag desecration video from Maine

It doesn’t get any redder than this, or for that matter, whiter or bluer. This video shows an outraged veteran objecting to an “art” display at the University of Maine at Farmington with replicas of American flags placed on the floor so that students can walk on them. (The blue fields show that the “artist” doesn’t exactly understand the layout of the stars, nor the correct color of blue to use.) Representatives of UMF prevent the veteran from picking them up and at one point threaten to have him removed from the campus. Eventually, he stands in front of the display holding a hastily-made sign with the word “Disgrace”, and has at least one man join him in his protest

The music is too loud to hear some of the conversation, but you’ll get the gist:

I’m certain to annoy a few readers, but this worked out about right in the end. The artist has every right to offend, although one would have hoped that a few adults in the UMF administration would have put an end to this project. The veteran didn’t have the right to disturb the display, but he did have the right to peacefully protest it. It’s a sickening display, especially when a few students at the end go out of their way to stand on one of the “flags”, but both the art and the protest are covered under the First Amendment.

The bigger question is why American students feel such hatred and antipathy towards the country that guarantees the very right to expression used by both parties in this confrontation — and why they can’t figure out how to replicate their own flag more accurately. (via Mark Tapscott)

Update: Gateway Pundit has some pictures of the “event”.