Obama hits a 20-point stumble in PA

It looks like the voters of small-town Pennsylvania have reacted to Barack Obama’s remarks at a San Francisco fundraiser in a predictable manner. American Research Group had Obama rising to a tie against Hillary Clinton in the next primary after trailing by double digits for weeks preceding his ascent. Now he has dug himself an even deeper hole than the one he earlier escaped:

Democrats Mar
Clinton 52% 51% 45% 57%
Obama 41% 39% 45% 37%
Someone else 1% 2% 4% 2%
Undecided 6% 8% 6% 4%

Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama 48% to 44% among men (45% of likely Democratic primary voters). Among women, Clinton leads 64% to 31%.

Clinton leads 64% to 29% among white voters (82% of likely Democratic primary voters). Obama leads 79% to 18% among African American voters (14% of likely Democratic primary voters). …

10% of all likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary and 24% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Barack Obama in the primary.

That looks very grim for Obama as he heads into working class states such as Indiana and Kentucky. Prior to calling small-town middle America a bunch of xenophobic bigots who cling to guns and religion out of economic bitterness, Obama had made headway in taking those voters away from Hillary Clinton. He had succeeded in convincing them that Hillary was trying to destroy the Democratic party by creating unnecessary divisions. His sop to the Frisco liberal elite has completely undermined that argument and left him vulnerable once again to the overall electability counterargument.

If Obama begins to lose big in these states, the superdelegates will find themselves under even tougher scrutiny. Do they vote for the elitist or the Tuzla Dash candidate? (via Jim Geraghty)