Chinese provocateurs staging violent attacks to discredit Tibet movement?

Dafydd at Big Lizards has some documentary evidence that the attacks on the Olympic torch procession may have been planned in Beijing.  One particular attack made international news when a supposed supporter of Tibet attacked a torchbearer in a wheelchair during the Paris parade:

The impression this gave the world was similar to what Chinese authorities wanted the world to think about protests in Tibet — that the Tibetans had initiated the violence and were “terrorizing” China.  However, the young man attacking the wheelchair-bound torch carrier had his picture taken before this assault, only he wasn’t marching with Tibetan supporters.  Dafydd has the photograph that clearly shows him as a supporter of the Beijing contingent in Paris, arriving at the parade under the Communist China flag — wearing his Tibet bandana.

Be sure to read the rest of Dafydd’s post, especially for the reaction in the Chinese blogosphere.