How you can support General Petraeus

Remember the reception that General David Petraeus received the last time he reported to Congress on the status of the Iraq mission?  He had one Senator call him a liar to his face — a Senator that wants to be President, but has found it rougher going than she predicted.  A major political organization that supports and is supported by many Democrats took out a full-page ad in the New York Times implying that Petraeus was a traitor, using a playground slur on his surname.

General Petraeus returns to Congress this week, a chastised Congress that has tried its best to avoid the Iraq debate ever since Petraeus proved them wrong in the fall and winter, but one that will undoubtedly remain hostile.  Nancy Pelosi has already tried telling Petraeus that he’d better deliver a negative report — or else.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Petraeus to have a better welcome back to the US for his report.

McConnell has created a page on his campaign website where people can show their gratitude for Petraeus’ accomplishments in Iraq.  Just fill in your name and add your personal comments.  It doesn’t take more than a minute to give the general the appreciation that Congress can’t or won’t show him for the work he’s done in turning around the mission in Iraq.