Philly mayor: I would have left Obama's church

Anyone expecting Hillary Clinton to back away from the Jeremiah Wright controversy must have spent the 90’s in a coma. Today, African-American Philadelphia mayor and Hillary backer Michael Nutter tells ABC News that he would have not waited 20 years to air an objection to Wright’s sermons. Nutter says he would “absolutely” have quit after hearing any of the rhetoric that has been aired:

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s most prominent African-American supporter in Pennsylvania says that had he been a member of Sen. Barack Obama’s church, he would have left because of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s fiery and controversial sermons.

“I think there’s no room for hate, and I could not sit and tolerate that kind of language, and especially over a very long period of time,” said Philadelphia’s newly elected mayor, Michael Nutter, in an interview with ABC News’ David Muir.

“If I were in my own church and heard my pastor saying some of those kinds of things,” he added, “we’d have a conversation about what’s going on here, what is this all about, and then I would have to make my own personal decision about whether or not to be associated or affiliated.”

Asked by Muir if he would he have quit Obama’s church, Nutter said, “Absolutely.”

Nutter even went into Dr. King territory, rejecting the notion that his skin color required him to support Obama or Wright. He said that Martin Luther King asked people to judge others on the content of their character and not the color of their skin, and that hate speech is unacceptable in any context. He has experienced quite a bit of pressure to change his endorsement to Obama from his constituents, but he sees it as a call to integrity to continue his support for the person he sees as the best overall candidate.

The Wright Stuff won’t be disappearing. Hillary Clinton will see to that, and we can expect more repudiations like this in other states. If Hillary manages to win with these tactics, she won’t have much of a Democratic Party coalition to lead.