McCain, Romney: Pals again

Liz Sidoti almost sounds disappointed to find Mitt Romney and John McCain enjoying each other’s company. Romney joined McCain on the campaign trail today as the Republican nominee did fundraising appearances in Salt Lake City. And later, on a flight to Denver, she even reports that they managed not to bite each other rather than the turkey dinners:

In a show of Republican unity, one-time bitter foes John McCain and Mitt Romney raised money and campaigned together Thursday for a single goal — getting McCain elected president.

“We are united. Now our job is to energize our party,” the Arizona senator said in an airport hangar, flanked by Romney and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., an early McCain supporter. Both have been mentioned as potential vice presidential picks, and McCain praised each.

Romney lauded McCain and promised to do all he can to help, saying: “He is a man who is proven and tested” and without question the right man to be president. …

On the flight, there seemed to be little residual acrimony between the former rivals.

They sat next to each other and ate turkey sandwiches. They laughed and talked during the hourlong flight, and were complimentary of each other when talking to reporters traveling with McCain.

I’m not sure what Sidoti would have expected. Fisticuffs in flight? McCain wants to raise money, and Romney wants to be a player in the party. Now that they aren’t competing for the same prize, neither has any reason to hold onto any grudges.

This will fuel more speculation that Romney will join McCain as VP. It would not be a bad move for either man, although Sidoti speculates that Romney wants to try another run in 2012 and that might keep him from joining the ticket. It seems more likely that Romney would want to be on a national ticket as VP in order to establish his bona fides for the next run, if McCain feels comfortable with him — and now that they can share a laugh over a meal.