AQ #2: Kill the Jews ... again

In the digital age, is there any such thing as a broken record? Ayman al-Zawahiri manages to keep the analogy alive in his latest message, just breaking this afternoon. In the audio tape, Zawahiri exhorts his followers towards the usual goals — killing Jews, destroying the US, and Palestinians blah blah blah:

Al-Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslims in a new audiotape released Monday to strike Jewish and American targets in revenge for Israel’s recent offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The al-Zawahri tape came on the heels of a message from Osama bin Laden, who called for a holy war to liberate the Palestinian territories. Together, the two messages appeared to be a more direct push by the terror network’s leadership to use widespread anger over the Gaza violence to whip up support.

USA Today reports that the new tape has an “urgent tone” that might indicate new attacks have either already started or that AQ wants an affiliate to take immediate action. Osama bin Laden’s latest missive focused more on Europe, specifically on the republication of the Mohammed cartoons in Denmark and elsewhere.  Which way would those attacks go?