Hillary to release schedules today; will the media notice?

Hillary Clinton will release her schedules from her husband’s administration today after a long fight to keep them confidential. Over 11,000 pages of material will go on line at the Clinton presidential library website, with almost 5,000 pages having redactions for privacy. Will an army of Obama supporters dig up any dirt?

The National Archives, which operates former President Clinton’s presidential library in Little Rock, announced Tuesday it would release 11,046 pages of Clinton’s daily schedules at the Little Rock facility and online Wednesday morning.

Clinton has faced criticism from fellow Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republicans over the number of White House documents from her husband’s administration that have not been made public.

The documents to be released include schedules for 2,888 days and are the files from Patti Solis Doyle, who was the former first lady’s scheduling director. Doyle served as manager of Clinton’s presidential campaign but stepped down in February after a series of losses to Obama in the Democratic nomination battle.

The National Archives asked a judge to keep the records private for another year or more, in response to a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch. The request and the lack of action by the Clintons had led to an outcry against Hillary, who explicitly campaigns on her experience as First Lady as a reason for her nomination. Without access to the records of her work in the White House, her opponents in both parties argue that her claims cannot be properly tested.

Of course, that has occurred to the Clintons as well. The last document release certainly didn’t help, as it showed strong-arm tactics taken by the Health Care Task Force under her direction. Within days of Bill Clinton’s inauguration, the HCTF had decided to use the DNC as its “intelligence gathering” agency and oppo-research organ. It demonstrated a ruthless, no-holds-barred, power-hungry First Lady and administration in general from the very beginning of its term in office.

The media did a poor job of reporting the information gleaned from that document release. The Clintons have to hope that the national news organizations show as little interest now as they did in January.