Juan Williams: Obama avoided responsibility

Juan Williams gave Barack Obama mixed marks on his speech today, avoiding the kind of swoon some other commentators indulged immediately afterwards. While praising Obama for his nuanced view of racial relations, Williams told Fox News that Obama failed in his primary goal — to take responsibility for having a twenty-year relationship with a man to whom hateful rhetoric appears second nature:

It’s a little different take than mine earlier, especially in whether Obama made the sale with the superdelegates. However, John Derbyshire at The Corner points out something else that Obama fails to address:

‘If, as Obama seems to be claiming, those are the sentiments only of Wright’s generation, how come those whooping and clapping their approval in those sermon clips include lots of young people?

Shouldn’t Obama have spoken out at Trinity to instruct those younger people so that they don’t adopt the bitterness of Rev. Wright? Isn’t that the responsibility of the next generation, to end that kind of rhetoric? How responsible or courageous is it to remain silent in that community while the rhetoric that Obama finds so objectionable gets delivered to the next two generations — including his own children?