Iranian textbooks teach hatred, jihad, paranoia

It will come as no surprise that the Iranian mullahcracy uses its educational system to indoctrinate their children into a hate-filled, paranoid view of the world. America, they learn, is the ‘Great Satan’ (still), and also the ‘World-Devourer’, as well as the ‘Arrogant One’. They must destroy us to see their vision of a world ruled by Allah come to fruition — and we haven’t even begun to discuss the Jews.

Ever wonder about the possibility of peaceful co-existence? Not with the Iranians, anyway. They teach a conqueror Islam that must rule as a temporal government, and treats any other perspective as a heresy:

…Any transaction and any relation that might cause a non-Muslim to have authority over a Muslim or Muslims is null and unlawful

The establishment of Muslim rule is one of the most fundamental and most elementary Islamic goals. Without that entity Islam would be exposed to the danger of elimination and the full implementation of Islam would not be possible… Therefore, the theory of ‘Islam without rule’ is an evident [negative] innovation which has been propagated by the enemies of Islam in order to push the Muslims away from political power and from the sovereignty over their own destiny and [in order] to expand their own [i.e., the enemies’ own] rule and supremacy over Muslim societies. The bitter realities that exist in the Muslim societies are a living testimony to this matter.

Islamic Viewpoint, Grade 11 (2004) pp. 8-9

Of course, by the time Iranians have read this in the 11th grade, they’ve already covered it in the 7th:

Now, in order to continue the Islamic Revolution, it is our duty to continue with all [our] power our revolt against the arrogant ones [mostakberan – a term mostly used against the United States] and the oppressors, and not cease until all Islam’s commandments and the spread of the redeeming message of “there is no god except Allah” are realized in the whole world.

Islamic Culture and Religious Instruction, Grade 7 (2004) p. 29

And what about the influence of the West on Iranians, most of whom appear to want friendly relations — or at least friendlier than the ruling mullahs? They have a term for that — Westoxication:

The enemies of Islam have always thought of conspiring and planning in order to fail Islam and the Muslims, as they do at present. In our time, global policies and the world’s Arrogant Ones [i.e., America] seek to plunder the property of weak nations and enslave them. They make use of all the means they possess in order to demote the nations and make themselves the world’s [sole] wielders of authority. In order to strengthen their own rule, these leaders of unbelief and polytheism never pursue one course only. Rather, they penetrate with various faces and through various ways
(political, cultural, economic, military). One of their ways, especially in the last two centuries, has been the cultural one, on which they have based all their other plans. They tried in the beginning to propagate their thinking among a specific nation and train loyal adherents of their own, so that through them they would inflict all sorts of blows upon the body of that society.

[Footnote:] 1 – This plan has been implemented in Muslim countries, including Iran. With the penetration of Western thinking since the Qajar period, a group was trained for the service of the West, which accomplished its task successfully. It was such Westoxicated people who have created a new daily problem for the Revolution. Imam Khomeini said: “We will not be quickly saved from the hands of those who are educated in the East or in the West.”

Islamic Viewpoint, Grade 11 (2004) pp. 14-15

The goal is clear. The mullahs want a closed educational system that will indoctrinate paranoia and hatred in young Iranians to perpetuate their Islamist revolution. They have not prepared this plan with an eye towards peace, as these passages make very clear. They want a war with the West, and in fact cannot see Islam triumphant without a war with us.

Has it worked? We often hear that the Iranians as a whole like the West and Westerners. During the generation that has grown up under the mullahs, the population has grown more restive, not less. The Guardian Council has had to react by keeping any hint of reform out of the government, which only makes the pressure grow for change — so much so that even Ayatollah Khomeini’s granddaughter now openly criticizes the mullahcracy for its heavy-handed tactics.

Iranians are apparently smarter than the mullahs think — no thanks to their educational system. (via Verum Serum)