Alerting The Media

Earlier today, Pajamas Media’s PJM Political show on the XM Satellite Radio channel featured an interview with me, conducted by Ed Driscoll. You can listen to the entire one-hour show at this link, or you can listen to just my segment here. Ed and I talk about the presidential race and my move to Hot Air.

At 11 pm ET tonight, I’ll be talking with Alan Colmes on his Fox radio show. We’ll discuss the bombing story — and I have a suspicion that he’ll challenge me on my assumption this morning that it was an anti-war protest attack. Later developments appear to have confirmed the nature of the bombing, and I’m looking forward to chatting with Alan about the story.

UPDATE: Meh.  After the letter confirmed this as an antiwar nut, Colmes didn’t have much of an argument left.  Instead, he wanted to know why I didn’t write more about Muslim-directed hate crimes in America.  I told him that I don’t write much about Jewish-directed hate crimes either, and there are a lot more of the latter than the former.  It turned into a weird sort of chickenhawk argument — that if I didn’t keep track of the hate crimes against Muslims, then I’m somehow not supposed to keep track of attacks on military recruiters.

Strange, and disappointing.