The unanswered Rezko questions, courtesy of Chicago media

Barack Obama insists that he has answered all of the relevant questions regarding his relationship with Tony Rezko, the Chicago political activist on trial in federal court for alleged corruption. The Chicago media begs to differ. The Sun-Times goes so far as to put their phone number in a headline and give Obama the questions ahead of time (via Memeorandum):

For months, Sun-Times investigative reporters have had a standing request to meet with Obama, face to face, to get answers to questions such as these:

• How many fund-raisers did Rezko throw for Obama?

• Obama is donating $150,000 to charity that Rezko brought into the campaign. But how much in all did Rezko raise?

• Did Rezko find jobs for Obama backers in the Blagojevich administration or elsewhere?

• Why did Obama only recently admit — after Bloomberg News broke the story — that Rezko had toured his South Side mansion with him in 2004 before he bought it?

Obama has not answered these questions, in Chicago or anywhere else. When a group of Chicago reporters traveled to Texas on Monday to get Obama on the record, he refused to take more than a few questions before stalking off angrily to the shouts of the media. The reporters from Obama’s hometown exposed Obama as unprepared and evasive.

The Sun-Times notes at the end that trials have a nasty way of producing answers to questions like these. Once testimony starts in the Rezko trial, the Chicago media may have even more questions. Eventually, the national media will have to start demanding some answers as well.