"My Daddy was Killed"

Kevin Bewley gave his life for his country on November 5, 2007. A member of the Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 11, Petty Officer Bewley died trying to save lives by disabling an explosive, and unfortunately lost his life in the process. Bewley’s family has set up a web site and a trust fund for his daughter McKinnzie, and they’re looking for donations. Here is the eulogy Bewley’s brother gave at his memorial:

My brother Kevin Bewley was born April 18, 1980, in Russellville,
Arkansas. Kevin had a lifelong dream of joining the military, seeing the world and making an impact on the lives of others.

He was a lifelong student of history. While on his first tour of duty, he completed Civil War, and American West history courses at Columbia. He spent two tours of duty in Iraq as a member of the Navy’s elite EOD Mobile Unit 11 Bomb Disposal Squad. During this time, Kevin and his team conducted 288 Combat missions and countless IED responses.

While in service, Kevin was responsible for the disposal of hundreds of terrorist bombs through which he protected thousands of American and Iraqi lives. He loved adventure and the outdoors. I had the privilege to travel tens of thousands of miles with Kevin. Our trips took us from the desert to the artic, and from the bottoms of the oceans to the tops of mountains.

Whether it was thru his service in Iraq, always being the first to volunteer for Snake Hunter missions, or simply thru his honesty, integrity, and spirituality, my brother led by example and he led from the front.

He did his job with professionalism and he did his job right all the way to the end. He lived his life with no regrets. For those of you who have came to honor him, we thank you.

Rest well, for men like Kevin Bewley are at your guard.

McKinnzie suffers from cerebral palsy and needs physical therapy to help her learn to walk. Kevin Bewley gave his life to his country; maybe his country could give some of its attention to his little girl. Donations can be transmitted through the website or through the Navy.