Video: The many faces of Hillary

When the eventual post-mortems appear after the end of the Hillary Clinton campaign, people may want to reflect on a video montage presented by Eyeblast TV’s Danny Glover. Relying on clips from New Hampshire’s primary eve through yesterday, Glover puts the problem front and center:

Voters never made a connection with Hillary, because Hillary kept morphing into whatever her handlers thought the voters wanted. Need an emotional connection? Let’s have her tear up. Need a fighter? Have her waggle her finger at Obama. Be a victim of media injustice? Let’s have her complain during the debate and use Saturday Night Live as a vehicle for her complaining.

Obama, meanwhile, comes across as much more genuine. He hasn’t felt the need to pose on the stump, and because of that, the emotional connections have grown organically. Hillary has seemed manufactured, and poorly at that.

Voters in 2008 want the real deal. Both primaries have made that direction very, very clear.

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