The worst kind of media bias: When it's okay to threaten someone on national TV

Here’s a cliched question: What would happen if a large male grabbed a smaller male by the neck and threatened enough violence to send the smaller man to the hospital?


Here’s a cliched answer: If you’re a conservative, media crucification, calls for you to be fired, and probably a full ban from most media outlets.

But if you’re a liberal with a mental disorder, the red carpet is rolled out for your return.

In case you haven’t figured it out, the liberal is CBS reporter Zoey Tur, and the mental disorder is gender dysphoria. And the smaller male is Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro.

Allahpundit summarized it all nicely last week:

See, Shapiro started it. His “violent” words — the word “sir” — evoked a similarly violent response. This is the same logic used on campus lately to harass visiting speakers for their thoughtcrimes. Free speech is one thing but rhetorical “violence,” well, no civilized culture should stand for that.

Got that? Tur is defending himself. According to Tur, if someone makes basic observations of biology, it is acceptable to threaten that person with enough physical harm to require an emergency visit to a hospital.

And not only did the host, Dr. Drew, let Tur get away with this, but so did most, if not all, of the other guests. Via LifeSiteNews:

It is terrifying that Tur, a much larger male, threatened Shapiro for merely stating what is biologically true – that Tur is a male. What is even worse, however, was the bullying that took place when the other guests, and even the show’s host, chose to criticize and berate the victim rather than object to Tur’s illegal manhandling and threats.

The show’s host even took advantage of Shapiro, a victim of Tur’s playground bully-style tactics, to promote Dr. Drew on Twitter. According to Dr. Drew, the moment of the threat was “heated” — not, say, illegal threatening:

This is what’s so disturbing: Because Tur claims to be female, it was considered acceptable by the female guests, the black guest, and the Hispanic guest to pounce on the Jewish guest. Literally, Tur’s threat to inflict severe harm on a smaller, weaker guest for having a different opinion was endorsed and encouraged.


But it didn’t end there:

On Sunday, Shapiro filed a police report, noting that Tur threatened him after the appearance, saying, “I’ll see you in the parking lot.” CNN security escorted Shapiro to his car after Tur left CNN, according to Bretibart.

Tur also said “me, too” when someone tweeted that he would like to see Tur “curb stomp” Shapiro. A curb stomp is a horrific act of violence where an individual is placed open-mouthed over a curb and then stomped on the back of his or her head.

And on Tuesday, Tur admitted on a radio show that he was threatening Shapiro — minutes before he contradicted himself, saying there was no intent to threaten.

My boss is calling for both Tur and Drew to be fired. He’s right to do so. How can CBS continue to keep Tur on staff, after he employs the threat of vicious physical violence against a smaller, physically weaker person who did nothing more than make a biological observation? Likewise, how can HLN ensure the safety of its guests when Drew didn’t have the guts to stop Tur, and in fact encouraged his behavior?

Drew told Breitbart that he spoke with Tur and Shapiro during the commercial break following the initial threat, but that doesn’t mean much. Not only is Drew falsely equating the actions of the two men, but he also refused to step up when it mattered.


This is a whole new level of media bias. And it’s really disturbing.

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