Planned Parenthood's no-good, very bad, awful week continues

It’s not been a good week if you’re Planned Parenthood. First, your senior director of medical services is busted describing how you use illegal abortions to illegally harvest the organs of unborn babies. Then your PR company tells you to admit to harvesting the organs, and Congress opens up an investigation into your practices.

It’s also been revisited that organ harvesting is abortion industry-wide, international, and probably done on born children. Additionally, a now-defunct program that shipped dead kids from Canada as “medical waste” to an incinerator to Oregon to save energy costs has made some rounds.

If you thought things couldn’t get worse for Planned Parenthood — and thus better for practically everyone else — you were wrong. My boss, LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen, did some digging and found that the fetal organ racket has gotten even more profitable since it was first reported in 1998:

For instance, today, companies such as Stem Express are selling aborted baby livers after processing and getting them down to specific types of derived cells.  Whereas in 1998 the price list had aborted baby livers ranging from $125 to $150, today’s prices for a vial of aborted baby liver cells range anywhere from $488 to $24,250.

That’s quite the racket, if you can get it. And note that the price in 1998 is for a whole liver, whereas today the price is for liver cells.

Talk about blood money.

Jill Stanek also asks the question, via Americans United for Life (AUL), of whether the abortion industry is secretly encouraging women to wait to have abortions in order to maximize profits off of organs. In the video that launched Congress’ investigation, it is strongly indicated that illegal late-term abortions are done at Planned Parenthood clinics, and the Planned Parenthood employee says that doctors change how they abort children in order to keep certain organs whole.

Additionally, the older a baby is, the better developed its organs are.

From Stanek:

Are mothers fully informed, and do they give legal consent to the sale of their babies’ hearts, livers, and lungs?

Is the illegal Partial Birth Abortion procedure used in an effort to gain valuable later-term, more fully formed heads and hearts?

Is the Born Alive Infant Protection Act violated in in an effort to gain valuable later-term, more fully formed heads and hearts?

Are women encouraged to endure dangerous late-term abortion procedures by abortionists who know that body parts from more developed infants sell for more money?

If I were Speaker Boehner and Chairman Upton, I’d want to see every record for every Planned Parenthood clinic that has sold fetal parts. Not only could the records show lawbreaking, but they could also be a handy tool against Planned Parenthood’s opposition to waiting periods and its claim of wanting what’s best for the health of women.

Given how great this week has gone for Planned Parenthood, I can’t wait for the next grisly video from the Center for Medical Progress. They’ve promised one new video per week for the foreseeable future, which will hopefully shock us out of our national apathy about abortion.

As was the case with CT Rex, Ed encouraged some shameless self-promotion. As most readers know, I am the public relations officer and D.C. Correspondent for LifeSiteNews. I am also a media consultant, and the co-author of the forthcoming book America’s Bankrupt Legacy: The Future of the Debt-Paying Generation.

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