Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi are right

The end times are upon us. I find myself in agreement with not just Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

It’s not just me. Right Wing News’ John Hawkins — not exactly a cheerleader for bipartisan consensus — is publicly standing with Warren, Pelosi, and their liberal allies in the House and Senate. As have conservative Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX), Townhall.com’s Amy Otto, and Tea Party Patriots, among many others.

And I’m not only opposed to the omnibus bill that squeaked through the House and may fail in the Senate. I’m flat-out agreeing with the principles upon which Pelosi and Warren are making their stand — specifically, their opposition to what Hawkins called “the GOP’s sop to the banks on derivatives along with their sleazy attempt to change campaign finance rules to benefit incumbents.”

It’s infuriating. In its first significant legislative effort since winning the Senate in a landslide last month, the Beltway’s GOP leadership has chosen to secure a special campaign-finance reform loophole for the election arms of both parties. Furthermore, it worked with the Democratic establishment to put taxpayers on the hook for risky investments by bankers.

And we haven’t even gotten to the fact that the bill offers only a few small improvements to the federal budget while still spending far too much. Likewise, the few mediocre — at best — pro-life efforts are offset by Republican support for slightly expanding the federal funding of abortion and continued funding for population control efforts.

This latest debacle is just more evidence that the wool is always going to be pulled over the heads of conservatives. Enough is enough, especially since the media has clearly decided that shutdowns are cool when Democrats do them.

On Friday, Noah warned the GOP leadership that “to dismiss this ire from conservatives as a mere fit of pique among conservatives…would be a foolish approach to this development.”

He’s right. Our country is in serious trouble, and none of the allegedly “reasonable” voices in Washington are doing much about it. As such, I’m proud to add my (small) voice to the growing cascade of conservatives and liberals that have decided it’s time to take the power back from both parties.