Senate Democrats continue laser-like focus on America's most important issue: Keeping control of the Senate

It’s May of 2014, and America faces enormous challenges.

We have the Obama administration’s secrecy and dishonesty on Benghazi, where an ambassador and four service members died. The House is finally addressing this in a real fashion.


The treatment of veterans after over a decade of war is abhorrent. Both parties are to blame for this, as it certainly didn’t start with Obama, and both parties sent people into two badly-run wars that have increased the strain on the VA’s resources.

At least a million babies will die in their mother’s wombs this year, often times crushed and dismembered along the way, solely for profit.

The federal debt continues to grow, now standing at $17.5 trillion and rapidly increasing.

And, of course, I would be remiss to not address the name of the Washington football team, which 50 Senate Democrats signed a letter opposing, and the important issue of expediting duck hunting permits.

And, yeah, the Senate is really going to vote on a bill related to sportsmen, rather than, say, passing a budget in keeping with the laws of the Senate. Or working to prevent the War on Women being waged by Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups. Or investigating the Obama administration’s incompetence and dishonesty that led to the Benghazi cover-up.

Or doing any one of a hundred other things that should be easy to accomplish in a bipartisan fashion. But I guess doing the work of the people doesn’t help Senate Democrats get elected. Comparing the name of the Redskins to Donald Sterling’s comments does, for reasons of empathy — as opposed to things that would actually benefit America’s minorities, like reformed education and welfare policies — and of course vulnerable Democrats want to tell their constituents they stood up against the big, bad federal government when it comes to hunting.
To be fair, this election-year maneuvering is hardly a Democratic problem — the GOP-controlled House did it in 2012. And it is occasionally helpful, such as when several vulnerable Democratic Senators asked the EPA to delay some forthcoming emission regulations earlier this week.


But, yeah, mostly this is a gigantic pile of Beltway horse hockey. Unfortunately, both parties know they’re going to get away with it, because this is a longtime tradition of Congress. Which leads to the question of whether the American people will finally get tired of it all, and vote the bums out of office instead of re-electing them.

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