Poor, conservative-maligned law student introducing Obama at campaign event

A few months ago, Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke made headlines for supporting the HHS Mandate in testimony to Congress, and her name exploded into the national scene after Rush Limbaugh made her a target of scorn and mockery. At the time, liberals defended Fluke against Limbaugh’s attacks, pretending she was simply some new-to-politics college student being unfairly maligned by conservatives.

While this defense has been debunked for months, after tomorrow it should be considered entirely dismissible. From Daily Caller:

Fluke is expected to introduce Obama in downtown Denver at the Auraria Campus, during a campaign stop centered on his economic plans, the outlet noted. Fluke’s appearance will likely add a second dynamic, with the campaign, in recent months, attempting to highlight differences between Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s stances on women’s issues to Obama’s left-leaning approach.

Of course, this is not Fluke’s first foray into “women’s issues.” She has been involved with pro-abortion organizations, apparently made a stink about Georgetown’s contraceptive insurance policy before she came to the university, and generally has been something of a liberal political activist. Oh, and she joined VP Biden and other liberals in July to make a speech to the nation’s second-largest teachers’ union convention.

The Obama campaign has jumped back into attacking Romney over his positions on abortion and contraception as of late, even as one ad was hammered by Fact Check for inaccuracies. With Fluke apparently becoming further entrenched with the Obama apparatus, is it okay to criticize her now? Or is that still out of line?