If Biden Wins, Will America Accept the Results?

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Imagine this scenario: Biden, whom about 80% of Americans believe should not even be on the ballot this November and who is down 15% in the polls from where he was in 2020, somehow is declared the winner in November's election. 

Democrats have been fighting (and, in the case of Wisconsin, reversing) election integrity measures and rejecting the push to ensure voters are American citizens, crow about their skin-of-the-teeth victory. 

Would Americans believe that the election was legitimate, or would there be an uproar that goes beyond an inevitable Trump challenge and Republican fury?

If you read the comments to my columns, many of my readers see this scenario as a real possibility, and I can't blame you guys. Whether or not vote totals were manipulated in 2020 (I believe they were), there is no question that the election was rigged through censorship, news curation, the "51 Intelligence Officers" hoax, and all the ballot harvesting measures of rather questionable integrity. 

Americans chose not to look too carefully at the results last time around, but would they choose the same path if 2024 looks sketchy? 

I don't think so, and if this scenario plays out again. I would expect there to be something akin to a revolt, and by that, I don't mean a January 6th-type riot. 

Would there be violence? No doubt there would be if Trump won because that is how the Left rolls. Look at 2020 here. Look at the riots in 2016 when Trump won (few people remember the Antifa riots that year). 

Republicans and Independents aren't generally into rioting as a means of political expression, so I would expect few outright riots. But I would expect there to be massive blowback, and perhaps even some pushback in the alternative media, perhaps leading to stories that break through to the mainstream press. 

The likelier outcome would be an outpouring from Republican legislators in Red states and more rural areas, total gridlock in Congress, and a push to impeach the president immediately. There would be talk of secession from the Union, greater division between Red and Blue states, and massive civil disobedience. 

How would Independents react? How would the Bill Mahers of the world react? Would the federal government and the mainstream media have any credibility left?

Attempts to steal this election would be the biggest crisis in American history since the Civil War, and the consequences would be totally unpredictable. 

No doubt the Democrats would put in place emergency measures, the FBI declare a larger and larger cohort of Republicans "Domestic Terrorists," and a substantial fraction fo the population would become radicalized. 

Is any of this likely to happen? It's in the hands of Democrats. They control the major cities in Blue states. They are already fighting election integrity measures. The president has insisted he isn't going anywhere. 

This time around Biden won't be several points ahead come election day. There will be no cover. It would be a raw power grab. 

These are scary times. Are there enough Democrats who will put country over power? And if so--and I think there are--are they positioned to stop any attempts to steal the election--I doubt they are. 

Simply put, we have to win this election beyond the margin of cheating. There are only so many ballots they can manufacture. There is a limit to how much cheating they can do. 

At least I think so. 

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Duane Patterson 10:00 PM | July 11, 2024