Elon Musk's Election Integrity Crusade

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Elon Musk believes that the Democrats are fixing to steal the election, and he isn't afraid to say so. 

That's a pretty bold assertion, but this is the man who decided to make reusable rockets and did what most rocket scientists thought was impossible. He isn't afraid of bold. 


Musk has been pushing for paper ballots over electronic voting for quite a while now and has been pointing to insecurities in the mail-in ballot system for months. But now he has a new crusade: backing the SAVE Act and criticizing the Democrats for opposing a simple measure to require proof of citizenship for voting. 

Musk has been ringing the alarm about the ease with which illegal aliens can vote, but his campaign against election fraud has gone up a notch due to the massive Democrat opposition to the simple requirement that voters be citizens. 

The Republican push to require proof of citizenship has been flying a bit under the radar, not because they aren't pushing it hard but because all the attention of the media has been on President Biden's incapacity to serve as president and the civil war in the Democrat Party. Democrat opposition to this simple measure that is supported by 80% of Americans is fierce. So fierce that they are whipping their members to ensure that they reject it despite their constituents' support

House Democratic leadership is bringing out the big guns against a Republican bill set to be voted on next week that would require proof of U.S. citizenship to vote in federal elections, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: House Republicans have made non-citizen voting in federal elections — for which there is no evidence of a widespread phenomenon — a marquee issue going into the 2024 campaign.

  • House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), largely ignoring House Democrats' drama this week, has posted on X about non-citizen voting multiple times since Wednesday.

State of play: The House is set to vote next week on the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act, or SAVE Act, which would require "documentary proof of United States citizenship" to vote in federal elections.

  • That could include a passport, a photo ID card that proves a voter was born in the U.S. or another form of photo ID along with supporting documentation such as a birth certificate, the bill says.
  • The legislation would require non-citizens to be removed from voter registration rolls, require election officials to ask voter registration applicants for proof of citizenship and open them up to legal consequences if they do not.

Driving the news: In a whip question — a roundup of the coming week's votes with instructions for how leadership wants rank-and-file members to vote — House Minority Whip Katherine Clark's (D-Mass.) office told House Democrats they are "urged to VOTE NO" on the bill.


Democrats have all sorts of BS reasons why they oppose the bill, most especially their assertion that it is racist because Black people are incapable of getting identification. It's RACISS..., as Beege would put it. 

But it's obvious why they oppose the bill, and Musk isn't buying what the Democrats are selling. It's no coincidence that the Biden Administration has opened the border, given Social Security numbers to illegal immigrants, that Blue states are giving away Driver's Licenses to illegals, and oppose cleaning voter rolls despite doing so being federal law. 

It's notable that the courts have ruled that states may require proof of citizenship for state and local elections but not federal ones. They have done so not because they are in on the scam, but because the federal voter registration form is legally binding for all states, and the feds refuse to require proof of citizenship. 

Arizona, for instance, passed a law (which the Democrats fought like demons to invalidate) requiring proof of citizenship, but they still must allow unverified voters for federal elections. 


There is only one reason why the Biden administration and the Democrats oppose proof of citizenship: they need the votes of illegal aliens to win this November. They intend to cheat, and as importantly, they want to make sure that they have no ability to audit the election. 

Proving election fraud is nearly impossible--you need video evidence of ballot stuffing now because there has been a successful campaign to make the chain of custody for ballots nearly impossible to verify. And when Republicans challenge election results, that inability to find proof is used as (ridiculous) evidence that there has been no fraud. 

How could we possibly tell? There is no way to check. 

The solution is simple: follow the rules that are almost universal in the rest of the Western world--improve election procedures to reassure voters that elections are fairly administered. 

But Democrats would rather leave fairness in doubt than give up their advantage. Ballot harvesting, ballot box stuffing, and even barring witnesses from ballot counting are now routine. 

If Democrats cared about reassuring Americans that elections are on the up and up they would do something to reassure us. 

But they don't. They want to cheat. 

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