The Left Loses, It Riots; The Left Wins, It Riots

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Jazz gave a nice summary of what happened in the French elections. Despite getting the largest number of votes and winning the popular vote in most of French territory, Marine Le Pen's party came in third in the number of parliamentary seats won. 


President Macron's party managed to eke out a 2nd place finish in both vote totals and seats, and the big winners of the election were a coalition of Left-wing parties despite winning far fewer votes than Le Pen. 

The result is a total deadlock in the parliament. 

As interesting as the results are from a political perspective, what is striking to me is the reaction of the left vs that of the right. 

We have been lectured time and again about how frightening it is that the "far right" National Rally might gain a majority in the elections--about how the Nazis are about to take over!!!--it is the big winners who are currently rioting in the streets. 

The mainstream media was having a freakout that Le Pen was looking powerful, and CNN expressed--I kid you not!--"joy" that the left won the election

They are not even hiding it. 

CNN may be feeling joy, but it's not clear that the French will be. After a stunning electoral victory the French left took to the streets to...riot. 


These aren't the sort of riots you see after a championship victory on a college campus. They are full-blown riots, complete with violence and destruction. People who are not expressing joy for an unexpected victory but venting rage at a society they hate with a passion. 

Throughout the day the French had been boarding up their cities in anticipation of left-wing riots on the assumption that they would vent their rage at not winning, but with today's left winning or losing an election is not the point. 

Destruction is the point. The left doesn't want a share of power in a legitimate government; they want it all, including the destruction of the current order. 


CNN and the entire MSM crowd keep pointing the finger at the danger of the "far right," but it is always the far left who are screaming about "colonialism" or some such complaint and causing mayhem everywhere. 

It's bizarre. At the very least you would think that the media would prefer the Macron elite government to the literal communists and Antifa crowd--and, practically speaking, they probably do--but they are so enraptured by the idea of leftist violence that they prefer it to ordinary people who just want to live in a safe, orderly, and prosperous society. 

It is the latter they find unacceptable. They are, literally, so bourgeois. Better to have the Islamists rampaging through the city, raping and pillaging than to have Marine LePen's farmers and tradesmen getting a voice in their government. 

A nice-looking Macron with his fine suits and WEF-approved policies would be optimal, but short of that, a bit of rioting would be entertaining. Anything to avoid the nasty anti-immigrant LePen. 


As we have seen since 10/7, the left can do a Kristallnacht a week, and the media will turn to conservatives and call us Nazis to our face for objecting. 

I have been pounding the drum on this topic, and I will continue to do so: our real enemy is the mainstream media. They look at the French elections and sigh with relief, even express "joy," at the defeat of the working-class party that just wants peace and prosperity. They prefer the Macronist elites who hate the working class, or if they can't have that, the communist and Islamist thugs who equally hate the ordinary people. 

Trump was right: the media is the enemy of the people. 

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David Strom 2:40 PM | July 24, 2024