Ouch. That Stings...

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You know things are going badly when your own campaign volunteers are joking about your inability to do the job. 

That is where things stand now for President Biden. 


Philadelphia's CBS station Channel 3 did a story about the president's visit to a campaign office, informing the volunteer (who was not aware that the president was going to visit) that Biden was coming. His response?

"Oh, he's coming here? I didn't know that. That's cool. That's dope. I hope he's awake for it."

Ouch. That stings. 

I've said it before, and I will say it again: candidates don't make these trips to meet with voters. They do it for the positive stories from the local media, who always are looking for a good story and are much less likely to be hard on a visiting dignitary than somebody in the White House press corps. This is a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with an important person and they don't want to waste it. 

I've worked on campaigns, and one of the typical strategies is a "fly around," where a candidate hops on a plane to make a whistle-stop and talk to the media, and nobody BUT the media. You give the impression of being everywhere and talking to everybody without wasting time meeting 30 voters. 


So when a local news report turns into a fiasco it hurts--it undermines the whole point of the campaign stop. You are meeting with people who are already committed to voting for you, but you want a positive impression with those who aren't there. 

"I hope he is awake for it" is not the headline you want from a supporter. 

This is a problem that won't go away for Biden. It's not just that the narrative is baked in, but that it will get repeated endlessly because his own supporters will reinforce it without meaning to. You can't expect message discipline from every local campaign worker, and you can't prevent even the normal missteps of any human being not being scrutinized 6 ways from Sunday. 

And Biden will glitch again. He is showing signs of glitching every day, and the man has a short temper. He will lash out both because his self-control is diminished and because it comes naturally to him, and always did. 

That was back when he was less senile. He will have more and more episodes like that as time goes on. 


None of this means Biden will drop out. He cares for nothing other than the Biden Crime Family, and his co-conspirators Jill and Hunter need him to stay in. It will take a Herculean effort to depose him, and the cost of doing so will increase every day. 

I would tell you to keep your stash of popcorn topped up because this is going to be fascinating, but the truth is that you can only eat so much popcorn before you explode like that disgusting man in the Monty Python script. 

Don't take a shot every time he goes off, either. You'll die of alcohol poisoning. 

And, at this pace, so will many Democrats who are trying to drown their sorrows. 

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