Expect a 180° Reversal in Calls for Biden to Leave

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Joe Biden isn't leaving voluntarily, putting the mainstream media and the Democrats in a pickle. 

Bronx Congressman Ritchie Torres aptly laid out the problem Democrats are facing now: sniping at Joe Biden under these circumstances is a political loser:


This has been a problem from the beginning of the "Joe Biden must go" discourse: if you take a shot at the king, you better kill the king" is always true, but in this case, the problem isn't just revenge from Joe Biden but mixed messaging to the voters. 

 Democrats have been either whispering or shouting that Biden isn't competent to run for another four years, hoping that the growing momentum for his replacement would force Biden out of the race. But hope is not a strategy, and their hopes are not going to be fulfilled. 

Unless Biden glitches so badly that the Cabinet agrees to dump him--another political disaster--Biden will almost certainly be on the ballot this November. Co-Presidents Jill and Hunter Biden don't want him to go, and Joe is too stubborn to be pushed out of the race. 


This leaves Democrats in a pickle--as if they weren't in one already. They have been almost unified in letting the public know that Biden isn't the right guy to represent their Party next November, but Biden is almost certain to be the guy at the top of the ticket. As the calls for Biden to get out have risen to a fever pitch, Biden has been digging in and refused to budge. 

The immovable object, it turns out, beats the irresistible force. 

This means that the majority of Democrats will likely be forced to fall in line, and that means they will have to do a pirouette and then settle down 180° turn and start insisting that Biden's performance was just jet lag and a cold. 

What choice do they have? Joe Biden isn't going anywhere because he doesn't care about anything other than his family business. Getting him out of the race will require ruining him, and if the Democrats go that route they destroy themselves. 


Of course, many will refuse to embarrass themselves yet again, but they will be the minority. This is one of the reasons why so few went on the record with their concerns--they feared that they wouldn't succeed in getting Biden to leave. 

But enough have, including in the MSM, that the damage cannot be undone. 

But expect them to try and try hard. 

Already, the backtracking has begun, and we should expect more of it. 

It won't work, though. The Democrat Civil War has begun, and I doubt it can be stopped. 


This time the reversals won't work. The time frame is too compressed, just as has been true with the "sharp as a tack" and "cheap fakes" debacles. If there had been more time between the reversals, the Democrats could have survived it, but it's all fresh in our memories. 

Does this mean that Democrats are toast? Maybe. They are changing election rules again, which means the margin of cheating is increasing. 

This time around, though, if Biden wins it will be obvious to everyone that he did so by rigging the election. What then?

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