Liberal MA Governor to Illegal Immigrants: Massachussetts Doesn't Want You

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Virtue signaling is all fun and games until somebody calls your bluff. 

Liberal cities and states have long looked down on conservatives for declaring that they don't want their homes overrun by expensive and often ill-behaved illegal immigrants. But as the Biden border crisis has come to their regions they are rethinking their policies and even telling illegal immigrants that they are no longer welcome. 


No doubt all these liberals are still looking down at you and me because, after all, they had good intentions while we are racistsexisthomophobictransphobicxenophobic bigots who fantasize about hunting down suffering refugees with our assault rifles and home-built tanks. 

The migrants were supposed to stay in the Red States anyway! Massachusetts is far away from where the undesirables come from!

BOSTON — Less than a month after President Joe Biden shut down much of the southern border through executive action, one Democratic governor is dispatching deputies to border communities to urge migrants already in the country: Do not come to Massachusetts.

Gov. Maura Healey sent five state officials to Texas earlier this week to tell border protection officials and non-governmental organizations that her state’s overburdened emergency shelter system cannot serve any more families.

“This trip is an important opportunity to meet with families arriving in the U.S. and the organizations that work with them at the border to make sure they have accurate information about the lack of shelter space in Massachusetts,” L. Scott Rice, the retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant general Healey tapped to lead the shelter system, said in a statement.

“It is essential that we get the word out that our shelters are full so that families can plan accordingly to make sure they have a safe place to go,” he said.

Healey, a member of Biden’s national campaign advisory board, was among the Democratic governors who stood by the president’s move earlier this month to severely curtail asylum claims at the southern border — support that put her at odds with other top Massachusetts Democrats and, more broadly, progressives within her party. Biden followed that up last week by moving to shield some undocumented spouses and children of U.S. citizens from deportation.


Biden has shut down the border. Yeah, right. Crossings are still at levels that Obama's Homeland Security Secretary called a crisis. Let's just say that the goalposts have moved considerably since then.

Nobody on the Left has given any explanation as to why Americans are being treated as second-class citizens, forced to give up services, spend their tax dollars, and tolerate increased crime in order to feed and house people who have no right to be here. Instead we get lots of rhetoric about how this is all the Republicans' fault. 

Massachusetts is required to provide emergency housing to homeless families and pregnant people under a decades-old “right-to-shelter” law, similar to a New York City rule. But as state resources grew increasingly strained, Healey capped the emergency shelter system at 7,500 families in October, while opening up overflow sites for the hundreds of families still without a place to go and working to expedite work permits for migrants newly arrived in the state. There are now 7,379 families in shelters and 413 housed in overflow sites.

Her administration is also set to start enforcing nine-month time limits on shelter stays — in compliance with a mandate from the state Legislature to rein in emergency shelter costs that are set to approach $1 billion this fiscal year and next if the rate of new families seeking shelter holds.


The costs have been staggering, the increased crime intolerable, and the decline in our standard of living a slap in the face to American citizens. 

Americans are amazingly generous to genuine refugees, but the system has groaned under the weight of fake asylum seekers who are looking for free handouts and a nice place to live at taxpayer expense. Countries have been emptying their prisons and sending their criminals to America, and Biden just lets them in. 

It would be surprising if there were not a terror attack linked to the border crisis in the near future. Already we have seen migrants casing military bases, apprehensions of people on the terror watch list, and of course, the rapes and murders of Americans by illegal immigrants skyrocketing. 

Do Democrats care? 

Suddenly, they do, as the presidential election rolls around and Americans tell pollsters they are sick and tired of this crisis. 

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