Glorifying Self Harm: Alphabet Activist Group Celebrates Teens 'Cutting' Themselves

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Mermaids is a very prominent and very evil alphabet ideology promotion group that has had, up until very recently, outsized power in determining UK healthcare policies regarding transgender "healthcare."


It has guided the National Health Service's policies, advocated for laws to promote alphabet ideology, and helped drive the conversation in the UK, all for the worse. 

It took a huge public relations and political power hit with the recent U-turn regarding "gender-affirming care" in the UK, especially after the release of the Cass Review, and the Tories have turned their back on Mermaids after being far too respectful of its positions. 

Now, amid the campaigns for election to the new Parliament, Mermaids is making a pitch with its own "Manifesto" (the parties put out manifestos to outline their agendas), and it's all about normalizing mental illness, self-harm, and the promotion of transgender "healthcare" once again in an environment that has turned hostile. 

There is much to object to in Mermaids' manifesto, but much of it can be summed up in this one image they promote. It really does capture something about how "queer" the alphabet worldview is. It is all about celebrating the rejection of mental health, physical health, and normal human relations. 


"The scars that cross your chest would be regarded as the most beautiful and the ones across your arms would be proof of your resilience and strength. You would be worshiped, as any other should, because you are human." #TransYouthManifesto

Let's unpack this and think about exactly what they are saying:

  • "The scars that cross your chest would be regarded as the most beautiful..." 

Here, they are referring to the scars left behind after a teen gets a mastectomy--the removal of her breasts to masculinize herself in a vain attempt to "transition" from a woman to a man. The most beautiful thing about a girl is the removal of healthy body parts in order to pursue an impossible goal. 

  • ...and the ones across your arms would be proof of your resilience and strength.

The scars across the arms refer to the scars left behind from a form of self-harm, in which a mentally ill person in crisis cuts into their skin repeatedly. If you look up "cutting" on Google the first result is a crisis mental health center, which explains:

Self-harm can manifest differently for everyone. And, the ways people may self-harm extend far beyond the usual references to cutting in media. Simply, self-harm is anything and everything someone can do to purposely hurt their body.

Here are some of the most common types of self-injury:

  • Cutting
  • Scratching
  • Burning
  • Carving words or symbols into the skin
  • Hitting or punching oneself (including banging one’s head or other body parts against another surface)
  • Piercing the skin with sharp objects such as hairpins
  • Pulling out hair
  • Picking at existing wounds

Mermaids is literally glorifying this behavior, which is exactly the opposite of what any person or organization should be doing if they are trying to help somebody in crisis. 

Mutilation--self-harm--is the point. A child is being told the opposite of "be who you are," although they claim that is the whole point. Instead the point is that these children--and that is their audience--are defective and must be altered and mutilated. 

Mutilation is the goal--in fact, it must be worshipped. 

  •  You would be worshiped, as any other should, because you are human."

Not to put too fine a point on it, but no human should be worshipped, but the rejection of God and His gifts--in fact, the destruction of God's gifts--is the entire point of this ideology. 

The message is simple: you are defective, your body is so offensive you should harm it and be proud, and you need help to mutilate it further. 

And when you do you become godlike. 

That, my friends, is alphabet ideology in a nutshell, and it is sick. Demonic even. 

And it's not just Mermaids that is demonic. If you watch that YouTube video on the site, Google promotes The Trevor Project, another alphabet ideology group, and it's message that gender-confused kids should not get psychological help to deal with the confusion because it is awful "conversion therapy."


The point, of course, is to reinforce Mermaids' message and grant it privileged, "expert" status. This is the authoritative, unquestionable view. YouTube does the same on every COVID-related video, referring everybody to the CDC. It is part of the narrative creation. 

"This is what you are to believe."

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