Libs and Cons Live in Different Worlds, Buttigieg Edition

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Most of the time, when a lefty says something so obviously ridiculous that you have to cringe, I assume that they are gaslighting. 

But there are times when I have to recognize that they live in a totally different universe--one where black is white and up is down. 


This appears to be the case when it comes to evaluating the performance of Pete Buttigieg. Liberals really do believe he is something special and that he really should be president someday. 

For the most part Mayor Pete's attraction is his resume and identity category; while it would be more appealing to them if he were not pure whitebread, but they do like the look of a gay, married, adoptive father, and--bonus round--veteran. 

He checks lots of boxes that they like. Add to that his fitting very neatly into the class structure--he speaks well and seems very educated and urbane--and the AWFLs and people with similar sensibilities swoon for him. 

Mayor Pete speaks of racist roads, homophobic highway exits, and equitable bridges. He is all about climate change harming drag queens and public transportation creating equity where there is none. He looks and sounds very college-educated liberal without being a dirty hippie radical. 


The one thing missing from Mayor Pete's persona is anything resembling competence. 

One of my favorite jokes about Buttigieg is that he is so bad at his job that we actually know who the Secretary of Transportation is. 

He is that bad. You never know who the Secretary of Transportation is in a normal world; the only thing worse would be knowing who runs Housing and Urban Development. 

Buttigieg's knowledge of transportation prior to becoming our Transportation Czar was his firm belief that trains are good and internal combustion engines are bad. He likely had never heard of a supply chain, and was unaware that without working ports, our economy would collapse or that people find activists gluing themselves to roads or blocking Interstates more than a bit annoying. 

Mayor Pete, as with many liberals, believes that in order for good things to happen (defined as things liberals like) all you need is to make the appropriate "investments," as if spending money is equivalent to solving problems. 


That's why the federal government can spend $8 billion to build 8 electric vehicle charging stations and the Mayor sees this as a success. The money is being spent! How can anybody complain?

Almost as soon as he became Secretary of Transportation, he took paternity leave--right in the middle of the supply chain crisis that was driven by transportation failures. He went off the grid as the economy sputtered, inflation shot through the roof, and hundreds of cargo ships were stranded outside American ports. 

His excuse? He has as much right to paternity leave as anybody else, totally ignoring that he doesn't have any right at all to be Secretary of Transportation. He can do one or the other, but not both. Obviously--Americans were suffering. 

Of course, he probably thought that the job of a Secretary of Transportation was to take notes at meetings and type memos, not to help manage the federal government's transportation policies or deal with crises. 


And the Boy Wonder certainly has given us more than our normal share of crises. Under this doofus it has been a transportation crisis a week, and he just floats along above the fray, being ostentatiously boyish, intellectually vapid, and gay. 

This is, apparently, exactly what Democrats want to see in their politicians. Not the real Lefty Democrats, of course, but rather the Clinton/Obama types who just want the money to flow and the identity boxes checked. 

There's nothing about the Boy Mayor to be offended by--he seems bland enough to be the human equivalent of Minnesota Hot Dish, and I find him among the least personally repulsive of the Biden team. I think the bland establishment Democrats like that, and the MSM-types see he fits comfortably within their midwit class. 

None of these people care that he is one of the most grossly incompetent people to populate a White House Cabinet, perhaps because they don't care about competence at all. 

Keep the money flowing, don't create scandals, mouth platitudes, and pay homage to Gaia and you are a credible candidate for president. 

Ironically, Mayor Pete would need a miracle to actually become a candidate for the Oval Office because he is so bland. Biden, at least, had decades of connections and was able to leverage the panic the establishment had over Bernie Sanders. I doubt Mayor Pete has the heft to edge out Newsom, Whitmer, or Polis. 


But what do I know about Democrat power politics? Not enough. 

But of one thing I am certain: no Republican would look at Pete Buttigieg and see a strong leader or contender for the White House, regardless of his sexual preferences. He is about as impressive as an Assistant Vice President of a bank branch in a medium-sized town. 

Imagine him facing off with Putin. 

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