He Assaulted a Jewish Student at Harvard; Now He Works As DC Public Defender

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Ibrahim Bharmal is on video leading a crowd of pro-Hamas protesters assaulting a Jewish student at Harvard. 

You may remember the incident, not because it was unique, but because it was among the first examples of "pro-Palestine" supporters on an elite college campus getting physical with Jewish students by preventing their free movement. And what doubled the shock value was that Bharmal was the editor of the Harvard Law Review--one of the most prestigious positions a law student could attain. 


Bharmal wasn't punished by Harvard--of course not!--but he is facing misdemeanor charges (too little, IMHO). 

This incident, among others, helped lead to the eventual resignation of Claudine Gay by highlighting antisemitism on campus, was featured in Congressional hearings, and perhaps most importantly for Harvard Law students, led to a number of prestigious law firms declining to hire Harvard Law students. 

Bharmal's actions, though, made him a perfect candidate for a government position because of course it did. We now live in a world where being an antisemitic bigot is a qualification for government employment in deep Blue cities, and no city is deeper Blue than Washington, D.C. 

The student, identified in a Washington Free Beacon report as Harvard Law Review editor Ibrahim Bharmal, has landed an immigration law clerkship with the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, according to a LinkedIn post. Bharmal and divinity school graduate student Elom Tettey-Tamaklo were each charged with two misdemeanors on May 19 stemming from their conduct at an Oct. 18 "die-in" protest held outside Harvard Business School. Bharmal and Tettey-Tamaklo were captured on camera accosting a first-year Israeli business school student, surrounding the student and making it difficult for him to walk freely, as keffiyeh-clad onlookers shouted, "SHAME!"

Bharmal was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery and with violations of the Massachusetts Civil Rights Act, which prohibits attempts to "intimidate or interfere with … any other person in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him [or her] by the constitution." Bharmal is expected back in court in September for his arraignment and faces up to 100 days in jail for each count, court filings reviewed by the Free Beacon show.


Bharmal has not yet graduated--he has another year to finish at Harvard, and there is no indication that Harvard has anything but the highest confidence in this student who is shown on camera assaulting a fellow Harvard student. He was, after all, only a Jew, and Jews are stochastic terrorist baby killers or something. 

And Washington, D.C. has the highest level of confidence in Bharmal--they invited him in to be a clerk for the Public Defender Service, and no doubt will be aiding in the defense of fellow terrorist lovers who are defacing the city and tossing objects at Park Service employees trying to protect monuments. 

Since the incident, Bharmal has remained in good standing with the school. In fact, Bharmal avoided discipline altogether, according to a January legal complaint. He is pursuing a joint degree program at the Ivy League university, namely a law degree and a master's in public policy, and still lists being an editor for the Harvard Law Review on his LinkedIn. Tettey-Tamaklo—the other student involved—was removed from his role as a freshman proctor in November, but otherwise, the school did "nothing to sanction" him, the complaint said.

Bharmal did not respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the D.C. public defender's office shared a post about Bharmal on LinkedIn, detailing his experience as a law clerk and thanking him for his "commitment to our clients." Bharmal says in the post that, after graduating Harvard, he would like to support "immigrants, asylum-seekers, and other newly arriving neighbors." The post also revealed a "fun fact" about Bharmal: "He is currently training to be a bollywood spin instructor...class sign-ups incoming."


I wish I could say I am surprised, but the opposite is true. I am just exhausted and mildly perplexed at how fast and how far our country has fallen in a few short years. Not that those few years are exclusive to the Biden administration's reign. Obama led the charge to "fundamentally transform" our country, and he has clearly succeeded. 

He managed to turn America into a banana republic, and Trump was unable to reverse the trajectory. In fact, his existence accelerated it by activating the entire Establishment--convincing them that they had to work faster and harder than intended. The Long March through the institutions became a sprint. 

I'm not blaming Trump for this, just noting that in his battle with the Swamp he was not the victor, at least not yet. Perhaps a second Trump term and the awakening of his many supporters will result in a more successful counteroffensive. 

However, a "return to normality" is definitely impossible in the short term. Now, even the violent protesters are being absorbed into the government. 

Remind me who the fascists are again...

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