Biden Keeps Threatening Conservatives With F-15s

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I wish I could laugh at my friends on the left when they insist that Trump is a fascist who fantasizes about using the power of government to oppress leftists. 


Didn't happen before, won't happen if and when he wins again. 

It's the Iron Law of Democrat Projection. As the Biden Administration has geared up its lawfare against Trump and his supporters, set the FBI on Catholics, pro-lifers, and parents who don't want their kids being taught about anal sex in first grade, Joe Biden has revealed a nasty habit of threatening gun owners with F-15s. 

Now I don't think Biden has any plans to send fighter/bombers to strafe and level America's exurbs, but he sure does like to talk about the prospect. Whenever he gets to talking about gun control he inevitably wanders off into a fantasy land where he can order America's pilots to take out a MAGA fan or ten thousand. 

It's a bad look. Not that his supporters see it that way. I had a conversation a while back with a friend of mine who denied that Biden ever said this (he does regularly), and when he saw a random video I pulled up he shrugged. 


"What's wrong with that?" 

Well, gee, I don't know, Maybe a president musing about using the military on his own citizens is a bit much. Just sayin'.

Of course Biden's point is wrong not just because it reveals a disturbing contempt for ordinary Americans who want to use their Second Amendment rights--you know, those laid out in the fundamental, founding document that Biden swore allegiance to--but also because it is flat-out wrong. 

Ask the Taliban about that one. Wars are won by breaking the will of the enemy, and Americans have a long history of being very stubborn about some things. 

Of course, I don't expect there to be a shooting war any time soon, and the people rampaging in America's streets aren't conservatives. Have you noticed that? 

Unless you think at people screaming about decolonizing "Turtle Island," what they call the United States of America, are conservatives in Keffiyahs. 


Biden, though, loves that kind of political violence, as do all the Democrats. Remember the 2020 "Summer of Love?" 

Republicans and conservatives are, quite literally, the most heavily armed people in the world--owning more guns than all the armies in the world combined. There are more guns than people in the United States. 

With 393 million guns owned by the American public--more often than not in the hands of conservatives--you would know it if the MAGA movement were looking to violently overthrow the government. 

That's one of the reasons I shake my head at the "insurrection" narrative. It is absurd. If the protesters wanted to take over the government they wouldn't have come with signs or worn viking helmets. They would have been packing. 

Joe Biden talks this way because he thinks this way. He isn't going to order F-15s to bomb anyone soon, but it is rather disturbing that he keeps talking about it as if it were on his mind. 


But then again, he is a Democrat, and Democrats love political violence, at least at a more modest scale. I am pretty sure that even they would recoil at deploying fighter/bombers against American citizens. 

And I am pretty sure that American pilors would balk at the idea, although Biden IS trying to reshape the military.

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