About That Biden Ad...

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If I were the Biden camp I would stick with "convicted felon."

While repeating that mantra might not move many votes, it at least has the virtue of keeping the AWFLs motivated and providing a consistent talking point that likely won't harm Biden any more than the ridiculous prosecutions already have. 


But no, the Biden camp is convinced that if they keep on burnishing their candidate's credentials as a certified member of the Elite™ Establishment™, it will boost their position in the polls. 

No doubt it will work as well as repeating to everybody who will listen that we have Built Back Better, that the economy is in the best shape ever, and that illegal immigrants built America. 

The latest Biden advertisement is a treasure. It is like a meme capsule, into which the most precious and ridiculous idea of the Establishment is crammed: that a benevolent technocracy populated by people like Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel are our saviors and that our Saviors™ hate Donald Trump. 

The United Nations LAUGHED at Donald Trump! Can you imagine? While they sip a fine Chardonnay while munching on crudités and sushi, Trump is quaffing Diet Coke and McDonalds! 

We can't have such a rube representing the United States to the European Union, no less the United Nations! What will Macron think? 

Salina Zito hit the nail on the head: this advertisement is a reminder to every ordinary American of what they despise so much about the Democrat Party, who care more about what the attendees at Davos and the General Assembly of the United Nations think than what you and I do. 


No doubt there is a swathe of Americans who, indeed, "approve this message," but I can't imagine many of them aren't already Joe Biden voters. They are the 37.6% of Americans who willingly tell pollsters that they think Joe Biden is doing a good job. 

Emmanuel Macron--who, along with every one of the world leaders in that ad--has approval numbers in the toilet in his own country--loves Joe Biden, so they should too. 

AWFLs, Academics, and Aliens no doubt fit into that slim category of people who approve of Biden, although I doubt even the aliens care what Angela Merkel or Justin Trudeau think about Trump. 

The message of the ad--although I am not sure that Biden's team adequately understands this--is not just that world leaders are laughing at Trump, but that they are laughing at you, too. 

If you look at the European Union elections over the weekend, you will see that even Europeans don't like European leaders. If you are following Canadian politics, you might have noticed that Justin Trudeau is about as popular outside Ottawa as a venereal disease. 

Pierre Poilievre is up by over 20 points in the Great White North, but no doubt Trudeau and his buddies are still laughing at him because they are smug twits. 


Trudeau won't be laughing at anything soon. 

The funniest part of the ad, though, has nothing to do with the world leaders laughing at our 45th president; it is the judgment of our 46th, who levels the charge that Trump is corrupt and dangerously incompetent. 

I think he got the wrong president there, and so do the American public, who are now telling pollsters that they prefer Trump on every issue polled that matters. 

In short, I hope every Biden ad is this effective at getting his message across, because his message is a killer one. 

Just not in the way they think. 

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