Don't Paint Your Religious Symbols on the Street

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

We live in the weirdest times. Times when you can get arrested for driving in the street but not for trashing schools, libraries, national monuments, or even attacking the police. 


Over the past few years, cities across America have been painting flags, slogans, symbols, and suchlike on their streets in order to declare their allegiance to various causes, declaring them sacred spaces that cannot be defiled. 

These sacred spaces have nothing to do with the history of our country, our shared heritage, or anything so tied to America or our culture. In fact, they are usually intended to be in-your-face rejections of the majority culture and to enforce leftist pieties. 

Painting the streets seems to be an odd flex. On the one hand, streets are very public and thus perfect for offending anybody who disagrees; on the other, streets are streets, which naturally get beat us by multi-ton vehicles with rubber tires and are subject to abuse. 


One reason the streets have been chosen is that they are vulnerable to abuse. Paint on the streets invites frustrated drivers to leave their own marks, which in turn allows the powers that be to harshly punish dissenters. 

Dissenters such as the teens who left skid marks on a rainbow flag, the religious symbol for all things left. 

We have entered a realm where Lime, a scooter rental service, has created a no-go zone for its products. Rainbow colors are now so revered and untouchable that the company has determined that its products will no longer work on...the street. 

Scooters can't cross a crosswalk because it has rainbow paint. The street is so sacred that it must not be defiled. 


Pride streets and crosswalks are everywhere these days, and it is about as in your face as you can get. If you want to get from point A to point B, you must not only be confronted everywhere you go by this ideological message, you must treat it with respect lest you be put in jail or fined. 

It is a hate crime to dissent, quite literally. 

This standard doesn't apply to anything ordinary Americans respect--quite the opposite, in fact, as protesters are invited to defile traditional American symbols. Deface a public monument, burn an American flag, or even shout kill the Jews and you are exercising your First Amendment rights. 

Pride, though, is now a sacred, religious symbol. 


It's a bizarre ritual, and one designed to literally walk on tiptoes. Painting streets, or even displaying flags on sidewalks or stairs, seems odd. In Iran they paint American and Israeli flags on stairs to force people to walk on them as a display of disdain. Here we do the opposite: punish you for not walking on metaphorical eggshells. 

Those of us trying to stand up to this invasion of public spaces are attacked as culture warriors, but the obvious fact is that the left is engaged in an "occupation" of all our public spaces and demanding obeisance lest we be punished. 

It is not aggression on our part; it is self-defense. 

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