Vaccine Data Manipulation? The Case of Israel

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Israel went all-in on the COVID hysteria. So much so that vaccine fanatics would point to the country as an exemplar of how to get a population to be fully vaccinated. 

Yet, as was the case with the United States' ignoring of VAERS reports of vaccine adverse reactions, Israel turns out to have not only ignored but deleted hundreds of thousands of reports of these events. 

82% of them, actually. Vanished. Disappeared. Poof!

It was all an accident, we are told, but there sure were a lot of examples of data missing or ignored during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. 

Israeli health officials did not look into hundreds of thousands of reports of problems following COVID-19 vaccination, a watchdog found.

People submitted some 354,200 reports of side effects after COVID-19 vaccination to the Israeli Ministry of Health, but 82 percent of the reports were lost, according to State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman. Officials blamed technical malfunctions.

The Ministry of Health also did not investigate 33,000 additional reports that were filed anonymously, according to Mr. Englman’s probe, even though some of the anonymous reporters provided contact information. The ministry told the watchdog it did not have enough manpower to contact the people who reported adverse events.

Due to the missing data and the lack of follow-up on anonymous reports, the Health Ministry’s communications regarding the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines—primarily the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine used in the country—were based on just 55,000 reports.

Most reports were lodged with health maintenance organizations, which administer Israel’s universal health care system.

Clalit Health Services, which insures about half of the country’s population, reported that 279,300 reports of vaccine side effects were not received by the Ministry of Health.

That's quite a few reports that wound up evaporating. And, unsurprisingly, a ridiculous number of reports for any vaccine to begin with. 

VAERS, for instance, received about 50,000 reports of adverse events for the DTAP vaccine over 25 years. VAERS got over 1.4 million reports of adverse events over 9 months after the vaccine rollout. 

That's a bit of a difference, I would say. The DTAP vaccine was a standard-type, and the COVID vaccines were novel. Yet we were assured, despite quite a bit of evidence that something serious might be wrong, that everything was hunky-dory. Pregnant? Get jabbed. Infants? Jab 'em quick!

Minnesota's Health Commissioner, one of the most avid vax promoters, herself submitted a VAERS report. It took two years for somebody to follow up. 

“I personally had a, you know, my doc reported I had a blood clot,” Malcolm said in response to a question regarding adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine. “I’m not saying it was the vaccine, but it fit the criteria for what should be reported. My doc reported it.”

Malcolm’s comments came during the Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation’s Oct. 31 “Insider Briefing” webinar, a recording of which Alpha News recently obtained.

During the event, Malcolm explained that her physician reported her blood clot to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the summer of 2021, when she was still serving as commissioner of the Department of Health in Gov. Tim Walz’s administration.

“I just got a call about a month ago from somebody following up on it,” she said. “I was both glad someone was following up and appalled that it was so long.” She encouraged anyone who experiences an adverse reaction to the vaccine to report it to VAERS.

Even after her own blood clot, Malcolm continued to tell Minnesotans, including children, to get COVID vaccines and boosters.

The overwhelming evidence is that there has been a massive coverup of vaccine side effects. From this, we cannot conclude--yet--that all the reports of sudden deaths are related to the vaccine (it will take time to separate out data and eliminate confirmation bias), but we have more than enough evidence to support the conclusion that the powers that be don't want you to even suspect that their assurances were based on nothing at all but hope, not data. 

So many claims were based on zero data--nobody tested safety in pregnancy, nor did they establish that the vaccine prevented transmission of the virus. They literally had no data on that, but we were told the opposite by the Very Best Scientists™. 

And now we learn that the exemplar of all things COVID-19-related lost most of the data. Poof. Gone. Into the eather. 

Of the 55,000 reports, most centered on minor symptoms such as colds but some conveyed serious issues such as menstrual disorders. While the authorities investigated reports of heart inflammation—Israel was the first country in the world to investigate post-vaccination myocarditis—they did not investigate some of the other reported serious issues, such as menstrual irregularities, the comptroller said.

The office did not mention the previously leaked video, which showed that experts commissioned by the Ministry of Health determined that Pfizer’s vaccine caused menstrual issues and other serious problems. However, officials hid the findings from the public after being warned they could face litigation.

Only one of the 114 meetings by the experts tapped by the ministry focused on the COVID-19 vaccines was open to the public, compared to all of the meetings by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine advisers, the state comptroller noted.

Is it any surprise that trust has plummeted? Kids are no longer getting many standard and largely proven vaccines because, well, you can't trust the people pushing them. It's hard to argue with the skeptics because they were right about the COVID vaccines. 

I don't know whether the COVID-19 vaccines will cause massive problems for decades, but I don't know that they won't. I do know that my ECG changed after the vaccine, although my cardiologist assures me it is nothing to worry about. Never having had a heart attack, the machine diagnoses two prior infarctions. It's a glitch; it's normal; nothing to worry about I am told. 

I'm not worrying about it because there is no point anyway, and he may be right. 

But I sure don't trust the public health officials. They are liars. 

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