The Ayatollah Congratulates Anti-Jewish Protesters

Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP

Which is worse: discovering that Osama bid Laden had a good point or being on the same antisemitic side as the Ayatollah Khamenei?

It's hard to choose, really, since they are both based on the same anti-Western ideology. 


The big difference, I suppose, is that the Osama craze was a TikTok phenomenon and hence was limited to a relatively small number of people who were amplified by social media, while the Khamenei praise is directed at millions of people who have decided to buy into every bit of Hamas propaganda amplified by the mainstream media. 

The Osama/Khamenei love both stems from the toxic "decolonization" craze that identifies all the world's problems as stemming from Western values. Blue-haired transgender furries have decided that their moral exemplars are gay bashers who throw homosexuals from roofs and hang them from cranes. We have Queers for Palestine, Honor Our Martyrs signs up at universities, and students converting to Islam who wear keffiyehs as headscarves. 

After all, all these people have a common enemy: you and me, and especially the Jews. It's always the Joos. If it weren't for the Jews, we would all be living in Nirvana, with 157 genders and counting, Iran and Venezuela-like prosperity for all, and ever-just Sharia law endorsing Black Lives Matter protests breaking out across the land. Sure, Iran has minor problems like a tendency to rape women who won't cover their hair, but that is nothing compared to universities and software companies existing on occupied lands. 


That, and Goldman-Sachs not hiring people who scream "I am Hamas." That is real injustice. 

Or something. I can't quite make out what their ultimate goal is, other than killing all the Joos. There is that. Lots of dead Joos. 

Well, there is this other goal: destroying America because it is the quintessential Western country. Unlike Europe, which is Islamizing at a rate unseen since the conquests that turned the Middle East Muslim, America is unadulterated in its Western values. 

European countries have muddled histories--histories in which millennia of conflicting values amalgamated into something we recognize as Western--while America is founded on the ideas themselves. Europe became Western as we recognize the culture; America IS the West. Europe birthed the West; we are its purest example. 


This makes us The Great Satan--and both the Ayatollah and the pro-Hamas protesters share this belief even more than they disagree on small matters like alphabet ideology. 

“Dear university students in the United States of America, this message is an expression of our empathy and solidarity with you,” Khamenei wrote in an open letter to America’s restive college youth. “As the page of history is turning, you are standing on the right side of it.”

Khamenei informally drafted these students into “a branch of the Resistance Front,” whose mission is to pressure the government into abandoning its permanent interests overseas. He brands the state of Israel an artificial construct attributable to the “capitalist Zionist network,” which “imported several thousand terrorists” into the Levant who then “formed a government in the usurped land of Palestine and called it Israel.”

“The global Zionist elite — who owns most US and European media corporations or influences them through funding and bribery,” the head of the world’s most reflexively antisemitic regime continued, as true to form as ever, “has labeled this courageous, humane resistance movement as ‘terrorism.’”

It’s not just the embittered students to whom Khamenei expressed his gratitude. “The support and solidarity of your professors is a significant and consequential development,” he wrote. On that, the ayatollah and his Western detractors would heartily agree. “This can offer some measure of comfort in the face of your government’s police brutality and the pressures it is exerting on you.”


Don't expect the protesters to recoil at their endorsement by Khamenei. They are true believers, unafraid to stand side-by-side with Hamas and the Houthis. They are unconcerned with the hundreds of thousands of Arabs dead in Syria, the genocide of Christians in Africa, or the rounding up of the Uighurs. 

They stand with Hamas because Israel is a lonely outpost of The West in the Middle East. They must be destroyed. 

Every Hamas lie is endorsed; every war crime by terrorists is used to slander Israel, and every antisemitic incident is justified by those lies and slanders. 

Did anyone learn from the hospital "bombing" that turned out to be Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket? Of course not, because there was nothing to learn. Palestinians killed by Palestinians are "martyrs." So everybody swallowed the ridiculous claim that Israel bombed a refugee camp, when it was clear from the beginning that the explosions that killed so many were weapons hidden among the refugees that created secondary explosions that eventually reached the camps. 


I saw the videos. What we saw was not fires and explosions caused by Israeli small-diameter bombs that were intentionally under-strength. Those were weapons illegally stored among refugees by Hamas. 

But that doesn't matter. The lies and slanders serve a greater purpose: destroying Israel, and they are working, at least in Europe and with our President. A president so spineless that he is afraid of Dearborn, Michigan, and student protesters. 

Decent people would take a step back from an endorsement by a vile man and a vile regime; agreeing with the Ayatollah is not proof of moral vacuity--for all I know, I share a love of cats with him--but it should make you think. 

But these are not decent people. They love the terrorists. They identify with them. They approve of the hostage-taking. 

They hate you and me, and especially the Joos. 

Agreeing with the Ayatollah was inevitable. After all, The New York Times hired a literal Nazi sympathizer to cover the war. CNN, the AP, and other mainstream media outlets use Hamas agents as "reporters" and photographers, including some who participated in October 7th's massacres. 


Millions of Americans, including many in the media, have chosen the side of evil and promoted its propaganda, marched in support of rape, murder, and kidnapping, and endorsed anti-Jewish and anti-Western conspiracy theories because they hate our values.

Is it any wonder that the Ayatollah is smiling? 

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