The Trumpire Strikes Back

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Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) have been banging on the "Trump is an existential threat to democracy" drum for years now. 


The mantra worked for quite a while, but according to the polls, the sting has been taken out of this thorn. People are done with the argument. It no longer works. 

Now, the Trump people are striking back, and it is a great time to do so. The lawfare against Trump is pretty obvious, the news that the FBI was authorized to use deadly force (Andy McCarthy thinks it's no big deal, but that's not how most people see it), the protests on university campuses, and a general sense of chaos and decline make people think that things are spinning out of control. 

People look around and see that things aren't right, and Trump's new ad puts the blame where it belongs: Biden and the Democrats, who have been promoting violence and chaos. 

Now, it's true that presidents aren't responsible for all the good or bad things that happen during their terms. They are men, not gods. But let's face it: Biden has been the author of many of the horrible things happening, as are many of his fellow Democrats. They cheered on BLM riots, and they perpetrated hoax after hoax, pushing racial division, authoritarian mandates, lawfare, antisemitism, and increased suspicion and division in our society. 


Biden spends an inordinate amount of time attacking MAGA extremists, calling people racist, telling Black students they can never succeed in America, claiming Republicans hate gays and minorities, and generally stirring up hatred. It has been his political strategy: stir up hate and buy off constituencies. Rinse, repeat. 

Americans already see Biden as a failed president based on his record, and the Democrats know that. Their trump card, they believe, is the "danger to democracy" argument. It is the one thing they have left. Biden is not just down in the polls; people don't even like him as a person anymore. 

James Comey was on MSNBC making this case. You may not like Joe Biden, but Trump is dangerous!

This ad aims at exactly that argument, and I think the seed they are planting will land in fertile soil. Trotting out James Comey actually reminds people of how state power has been abused against Trump and his supporters. 

Look at Trump's poll numbers and how they have skyrocketed during his trial in New York, which has been going on for weeks now. The lawfare was supposed to increase Trump's popularity with his base and suppress it with Independents, but it has turned out differently. The only people who like this are hardcore Trump haters, and their votes were never up for grabs anyway. 


Trump's base has been energized, of course, but so have Independents, who do not like what they are seeing. The Biden case in 2020 was a "return to normality," and what we have gotten is chaos squared. The pursuit of Donald Trump has been toxic not to Trump but to the Democrats and Biden in particular. 

Democrats have been saying some insane things over the past few years, and Trump is going to shove it all back in their faces. 

People who hate Trump will never have their minds changed, but ordinary people who want things to be sane again may not like Trump, but their experience during his first term was nothing like what Democrats keep claiming. On the other hand, Democrats are doing exactly what they accuse Trump of wanting to do: weaponize the government. It's so obvious that even CNN admits it now. 


The "threat to democracy" argument against Trump was pretty weak to begin with--after all, Trump was president and things were pretty good--but Trump's campaign is looking to drive a stake through its heart in the next few weeks. 

Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, Christopher Wray, Jack Smith, and Merrick Garland have all been handing gifts to Trump by appearing to be political goons. More and more Independents see them as part of a rogue's gallery of political hitmen assigned to take out Joe Biden's political opponent. 

Will this effort work? 

This is America, man. Who has any idea? All I know is that even some liberals are throwing in the towel. 

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