Scottish Green Party Expels 13 Members for Saying 'Sex Is a Biological Reality'


I have never bought into the argument that we live in a simulation. It has always struck me as an absurdity. 

But the increasing similarity between real life and a Babylon Bee headline has me wondering. Is the world a joke? Is some alien playing a gag on us? Could it be that Seth Dillon is the face of God?


Then I return to reality, as absurd as it is. The world isn't insane because some alien is playing God with us; it is insane because we share it with leftists. 

This is what comes when you close down insane asylums, I suppose. The former inhabitants become world leaders, like Joe Biden, Klaus Schwab, the United Nations, the Scottish Greens, and the Scottish National Party. 

Oh, and the Democrats. I can't forget them. Ooh, and WPATH. And...well, I could go on. You get the idea. Loonies surround us

THE Scottish Greens have expelled 13 members for signing a declaration which said “sex is a biological reality” and called for trans men to be banned from women’s changing rooms.

The party said those who signed the Scottish Green Women’s Declaration were in breach of the party’s code of conduct.

The declaration states: “Sex should not be confused with gender. Sex is a biological reality and is both the site of and the excuse for women’s oppression.”

It also said that women had the right to “female-only spaces such as changing rooms, hospital wards, sanitary and sleeping accommodation, refuges, hostels and prisons”.

It added: “Women have the right to refuse consent to males being in these female-only spaces or males delivering intimate services to females such as washing, dressing or counselling.”

Signatories also claimed there was a “chilling atmosphere of censure and fear within the party, which affects not only free speech but also free thought”.


I wonder how they got that idea. There is zero evidence of a “chilling atmosphere of censure and fear within the party, which affects not only free speech but also free thought.” 

If I had told you that a Leftist political party would expel people for saying “Women have the right to refuse consent to males being in these female-only spaces or males delivering intimate services to females such as washing, dressing or counselling,” you would have laughed in my face, and with good reason. What sane person would have believed such an absurdity?

If I said that you had to be a right-winger to defend the idea that women deserved a little privacy, you would have rolled your eyes, and with good reason. If there were any things you could get universal agreement on, you would think that this would make a top-10 list. Top 5. Top 3. 

Not today. In today's world, you are on the wrong side of the civil rights issue of our time. A segregationist. A hater. A transphobe. Even a promoter of the genocide of an entire people, bigot!

We now live in a world where doctors will give men hormones for the purpose of helping them "chestfeed" infants, and write papers seriously arguing that this is right and healthy. People of supposedly sound mind will piously declare that it is medically necessary to surgically remove healthy breasts and castrate children in the name of civil rights. 

In other words, we are surrounded by criminally insane people, and they are running the asylum. Except there are no asylums anymore, so they run the world instead. 


Scotland is, if anything, run by people even more insane than the average world leader. It seems like the leaders of all the major parties that lean left are filled with rage against ordinary Scots. The leaders of both the SNP and Scottish Labour are both anti-White bigots, complaining that there are too many White people in the country. 

So you have the SNP, Labour, and now the Greens spewing hate. They have made J.K. Rowling, a liberal, look positively Right-wing. 

If the world looks like a Babylon Bee story, these characters look like Larry David scripted them. They are rude, offensive, and larger than life in their absurdity. 

We have gone from a world in which #metoo was the cause du jour to one in which opposing men ogling women in locker rooms is an offense against humanity. 

This is how the meme that many people are non-playing characters (NPCs) in a computer simulation caught on. So many people mindlessly accept whatever the current Narrative™ is without a moment's reflection that they appear to be programmed to do so. 

You have probably seen memes with the NPC character. If not, here is one example I made:


You get the idea. NPCs are programmed to say and do whatever the programmer wants. Yesterday, it was Ukraine. Now, it is Palestinians. And it is always trans rights and intersectional oppression. 

If you are not an NPC, you are to be harassed, doxxed, expelled from polite society (or your political party if you are left-leaning), and in Scotland, they can put you in jail for saying the wrong thing according to the new hate speech law. 

It is bizarre. 

But I still don't believe we live in a simulation. At least not yet. It becomes a more convincing theory every day. 

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