California Public College Surrenders to Students for Justice in Palestine; Update: President on Leave

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The surrender was almost complete at Sonoma State College, one of the California State schools that is located in the Bay Area. 

A small liberal arts college run by the state system, it was beset by the same sort of occupation that has been common around the country. 


What makes it different, though, is that the administration capitulated to almost all the demands of the students. It would be stunning, but this is California, where college administrators at San Francisco State praised students for kidnapping Riley Gaines and holding her hostage for a couple of hours. 

Administrators at these schools, at best, have Stockholm Syndrome. At worst they are active collaborators with the most extreme elements of our society. The only reason the schools have administrators instead of People's Councils or some other communist organization is that they need lobbyists to beg for more state money, and the pay is pretty good. 

The administration did not cave on the divestment yet--they need to make an accounting of their investments before they do so. They committed to creating a report to be reviewed by SJP. 

But this agreement did establish a permanent council run by Students for Justice in Palestine, a Hamas-affiliated group that celebrated October 7th's massacre on October 7th and has used images from the terrorist attack as propaganda. 

They are a violent terrorist organization and are now effectively a part of the college's administration

The college's president, a sniveling, disgusting man named Mike Lee, wrote an obsequious letter agreeing with SJP in all respects. 


Student activism, protest, and dissent in service of social and political change are key democratic principles that allow us to imagine a more perfect union -- not only for ourselves, but also for others. None of us should be on the sidelines when human beings are subject to mass killing and destruction. I have said this before and it merits repeating: There is no political, religious, or cultural principle that merits the murder of the innocent, and the one battle we should all be engaged in is the fight for inclusion, respect, and freedom for all people, regardless of their background or identity. I appreciated the civility and respect that centered our conversations, which opened the door to new ideas and opportunities. As a result of our conversations, we have reached the following points of agreement:

Advisory Council of Students for Justice in Palestine

The Advisory Council of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) will be established as a mechanism to ensure SSU administration accountability for all agreements. The main goal of the SJP Advisory Council is to work closely with the SSU administration to review progress on the initiatives listed below. 

The Advisory Council of SJP will be established through a collaboration between SJP and Sonoma State and will be composed of members from the encampment, faculty, staff, administrators, Palestinian alumni, and other interested students, as determined by Students for Justice in Palestine. The Advisory Council of SJP will meet regularly beginning Fall 2024 with administrators and researchers in accordance with the following Mandatory Protections: 

Mandatory Protections:

1)         Regular meetings with an agenda set and approved by the SJP Advisory Council.

2)         It is the public’s right to attend and participate in official Sonoma State meetings, which are required to meet the transparency requirements of the CSU policies and regulations. Meeting materials are to be disclosed to the Advisory Council of SJP in keeping with the law. Meetings will be recorded.

3)         Preserve the future of the Advisory Council of SJP.

The first meeting date will occur in late August with a presentation from the appropriate SSU Foundation Committee as determined by the VP for University Advancement. The Advisory Council of SJP and SSU Foundation leadership will meet regularly in Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 to review progress. The Advisory Council of SJP will be extended into additional semesters as needed and by mutual agreement between Sonoma State leadership and student leaders.


It makes you want to vomit. 

Colleges supposedly exist to teach knowledge, skills, and character. What have students learned? 

Violence, intimidation, tantrums, and extremism are useful tools for getting your way. Which, I suppose, is what every communist would want them to know. 

At this point, all we can hope for is that every Antifa-linked Gen Zer decides to go fully Queer and trans. At least then we could be assured that their genes are taken out of the gene pool. 

As for Mike Lee? Well, this is a family blog so I will refrain from expressing what I think he should do. 

UPDATE: What he should do? Well, his bosses made that decision for him:

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