Hamas Terrorists Fight From UNRWA Compound

AP Photo/Hussein Malla

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA, is the only UN organization that focuses solely on helping one group of people. 

It is, basically, a front for the terrorists masquerading as a humanitarian organization. It runs the schools in Gaza and the West Bank and educates the Palestinian population into hating Jews and aspiring to become "martyrs" to the cause.


Time and again the UNRWA and its employees have been caught engaging in terrorism and/or giving aid and comfort to them. 

None of that matters to the United Nations, which spends an inordinate amount of time and effort working to destroy Israel. Or, should I say this is a feature, not a bug? 

Israel has provided reams of evidence that Hamas and the UNRWA work hand in glove, such as this video of Hamas operatives being based at a UNRWA facility and even using UNRWA resources to attack Israeli troops. Earlier evidence provided by the Israelis has proven that UNRWA employees were involved in the October 7th attack and in holding hostages. 

We rarely hear about the multiple war crimes committed by Hamas, the most important one (after targeting civilians and sexually abusing them) being the use of civilians as human shields. We hear often enough about civilian casualties but almost never about how Hamas ensures that civilians die by hiding behind them when fighting. 


Hamas steals humanitarian aid once we deliver it to Gaza, and then blames Israel for the lack of food in the Gaza Strip. The suffering of civilians is their greatest propaganda tool, and they do whatever they can to maximize the pain. 

Hamas has also attacked the floating pier installed by the United States to deliver aid to civilians, and has attacked relief routes in order to ensure that civilians starve. 

We should expect this from evil terrorists and should hear more about it in the MSM. 

But it is the United Nations, above all, that deserves rebuke. Not because the organization is worse than Hamas--it isn't. But rather because it is accorded more credibility and given more funding, including by the United States, its biggest contributor. 


The credibility of the United Nations must be destroyed because the United Nations is Hamas' second-biggest backer after Iran. It provides a sheen of respectability to Hamas' propaganda and shields the terrorist group from the opprobrium it richly deserves. 

For all intents and purposes, the UNRWA IS Hamas and should be treated as such. UNRWA facilities being used by Hamas are legitimate military targets according to the laws of war, and they should be treated as such in a just world. 

Practically speaking that is impossible, because the UN retains its appearance of credibility. 


Unfortunately, only pro-Israel reporters and outlets focus on the corruption of the organization, and that is of limited utility. 

It will take mainstream outlets breaking the taboo of criticizing the United Nations to change minds, and there is a Pulitzer waiting for the brave reporter willing to break the story in the MSM. 

I'm not holding my breath, though. 

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David Strom 5:00 PM | May 23, 2024