University of California Professor Tells Student to Kill Herself

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No word yet on when Seeta Chaganti will be disciplined, but I doubt it. After all, UC Davis still employs a professor who called for the murder of Zionist journalists.


Professor Chaganti has given up on teaching--she canceled classes and told her students to go out and protest rather than go to class--to harass students while masked on the quad like the Antifa goons she apparently admires. 

These are the same students who prevent Jewish professors from walking on the campus in the name of "free speech" and "social justice."

The student protesters and the outside agitators who recruit them are the brownshirts of the Leftist movement--the very people that the Biden administration is trying to mollify while also insisting to ordinary Americans that they are foursquare behind Israel. 

As has been pointed out more than once, most students on these campuses have not joined in the protests. They have better things to do or even oppose the pro-Hamas protesters. This begs the question: why have college administrators, at least in Blue states, decided to cater to these masked invaders? 


There isn't any question about the antisemitic character of the protests. Not only do they chant the most hideous things, but they actively harass Jews, using force to prevent their ability to go to class, do their jobs, or express their own opinions. 

Their speech is protected; their actions are not. 

Professors around the country are joining the students, canceling classes, and making ridiculous demands of their employers. And there are no consequences, even when they threaten people directly and even call on them to commit suicide. 

These protests--whatever you think of their cause--are reflective of the deep sickness that characterizes the Left-wing (I do not means liberals, who too often tolerate but never participate in these violent fantasies and actions). Leftists are all about revolution, and are open about their commitment to revolutionary violence. 


There is an actual, widely read magazine called Jacobin. The Jacobins, if you don't know, are the original French revolutionaries who brought The Terror to France and initiated the violence that engulfed Europe for years. 

Then there is the veneration of Che Guevara, a confessed mass murderer who wrote of his love of killing people, innocent or not. It brought him ecstasy. For this, his image is emblazoned on millions of t-shirts. 

It may not be the case that all college students have embraced this dangerous ideology, but it is indisputable that prestigious academic institutions are engaged in the project of turning all of them into radicals bent on revolutionary violence. 

"This is what decolonization looks like."

That a professor can casually tell a student to kill herself is telling; schools talk piously of "safe spaces" and defending the delicate mental health of students, but that is nothing but an excuse to suppress any speech they disapprove of. It is perfectly fine to turn campuses into hellholes for anybody who doesn't embrace the cause du jour. 

And the cause of the day is merely an excuse to push the real cause: destroying our current society and replacing it with a forever revolution that keeps the "enlightened" in power. 


UC Davis is a public institution, so in a very real sense, the State of California is paying to have professors threaten people. It is political violence, courtesy of the state. 

California is rushing headlong into becoming Venezuela--its leadership wants to take what is perhaps the best place in the world to live and turn it into a Marxist wonderland where the leaders of the revolution make bank and the plebs are forced to beg for every scrap they can get. 

Venezuela didn't have nearly as far to fall, so the fall took far less time. California is one of the wealthiest places on Earth, and still has time to recover. 

Will it? I have my doubts. 

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