New Criticism of Elon: He Spends Too Much Time With His Son

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Some people are so hateful that they are incapable of seeing virtue in anybody. 

One such person, apparently, is New York Magazine's Irin Carmon, who is also the author of Notorious RBG


There are plenty of hateful people, of course, so finding one is not a particularly difficult task. What makes Carmon interesting is that she is pushed at us by the intelligentsia as somebody worth listening to. She is a great author, a role model, and somebody with wisdom you should spend time contemplating.

I saw this tweet from Seth Dillon (of Babylon Bee fame) and it caught my eye. The headline easily could have come from the wickedly funny minds of the Babylon Bee writers as satire, but no, it is from New York Magazine's Irin Carmon. 

She is serious. 

Before I get to the meat of her piece, know that her Musk hatred isn't an outlier in her writings. Her shtick is whinging about how awful men are and how disgusting conservatives want to oppress women. Her next book, for instance, is Unbearable: Being Pregnant in America. No doubt we will learn why forcing women to bear children is a White Male plot to keep women barefoot and pregnant. 


You can get a flavor of her output by looking at the list of her latest pieces, which are all about how awful men and Republicans are. 

The Elon Musk piece is a perfect example of how perverse the minds of radical feminists can get. 

The only way the premise makes sense is to begin with a conclusion and work your way backward: Elon Musk is evil, yet Elon Musk is doing something that many people admire (spending time with his son!), therefore Elon is spending time with his son for nefarious reasons

On a rainy night in early April, Elon Musk brought his young son X Æ A-12 — whom everyone calls X — to the Lobster Club for a party for a PBS documentary screening. “The younger Musk wandered around the restaurant wearing a Tesla shirt,” while his father schmoozed with guests, the New York Times reported, under a headline that read “Partying on a Tuesday With Elon Musk and His 3-Year-Old.”

The photos from the party show a cheerful Musk leaning in to chat with the film’s executive producer Kathryn Murdoch. Had Tesla shares tumbled after disastrous first-quarter results? Did the market-research firm Caliber say the day before that the Tesla CEO’s right-wing rants and public feuds were likely “contributing to the reputational downfall” of the brand, hurting sales? Yes, it had. But how adorable did Lil X, as his father has also called him, look in that photo?

The message, intentional or otherwise, was clear: This was not the erratic, share-tanking shitposter you’ve heard about, but a cuddly dad who has it all.


The New York Times is running interference for Elon Musk, portraying him (wrongly!) as an interested father! 

NOOOOO!!!! Elon Man Bad!

Now before I get too high on my horse, I spend an inordinate amount of time criticizing people for doing bad things and, yes, for being bad or even evil people. It is a genre of writing that allows you to discuss issues, explain things and motivations, and analyze ideas. 

A lot of people react more to the human side of things than the ideas, so using human beings as anchors draws people in to consider the larger issue. 

But I never write a piece to slag a person; I slag a person to make points about ideas, issues, trends, or something larger. That's why I don't writer pieces like "Look what new awful thing Jeffrey Marsh did!" Jeffrey Marsh is only interesting because he is an influencer that the New York Times and lots of other elites love. I am interested in him only to the extent that it tells us something about the larger culture. 

That's not what is happening in this New York Magazine piece. It is intended to slander Elon Musk because he is powerful. That's bizarre for a highbrow magazine. Imagine writing a piece about Hitler explaining that his love of dogs is symbolic of some greater character flaw. 

What is the point of that? Hitler's loving dogs, as far as I know, says nothing interesting about him either way. I certainly wouldn't expect to see a magazine article going into the issue, trying to prove that Hitler's love of dogs is related to his being a sociopath.


Carmon's point is that Elon Musk isn't human, and we know that because he says things she dislikes on Twitter. And because he is not human, he can't just love his kid. It is a ruse! Please don't fall for it!

Nor was it the first time that X, Musk’s eldest son with the singer Grimes, had been carted around the way children his age might clutch a stuffie. What’s weird is how little flak Musk gets for this behavior, which often gets chalked up to charming eccentricity, Musk being Musk. His fatherly antics are met with admiration on the platform formerly known as Twitter, which he owns, evidence of Musk showing his personal commitment to stanching the population collapse he rarely fails to mention these days. “At the end of the day, birth rate is all that matters for civilizational continuity,” he recently posted, bemoaning the rise of young people who identify as LGBTQ. Schlepping one of his ten known children around becomes just another way to show how much skin he has in that doomerist game.

Ah, yes! Musk is using his kid as part of the grand plot to populate the Earth, and as we know from all the antinatalists (of which Carmon is one), this is a VERY BAD THING. 

Carmon's particular ideological axe to grind is hardly interesting; what it says about people who admire her thoughts enough to pay New York Magazine good money to publish them is. 


This is a profoundly twisted view of the world. We keep hearing from leftists that children are our future, but as I wrote yesterday in Sunday Smiles about Greta Thunberg, they are basically ideological props for many on the left. Their greatest passion is antinatalism. Abortion, population control (about which I will have another post today), transing the kids, alphabet name it and it all boils down to slashing the population of the human race. 

That has been the Leftist message, and they use kids relentlessly to make that point. They create enormous anxiety in kids that is making kids mentally ill (notice how "social and emotional learning" in schools has led to an explosion in mental health issues in kids?), and they trot out kids like Jazz Jennings, Desmond is Amazing, and Greta Thunberg to shove ideologies down our throats. 

It never occurs to people like Carmon that most people love kids and like to be around them, especially their own. You can even find essays from feminists about how much they regret having their own kids if you can believe that. What sicko would say that aloud, especially when their kids are certain to read it? 


Elon Musk, whether you love him, are indifferent, or hate him, clearly loves having kids. He carts around Little X all the time for that reason. 

How hard is that to accept?

Very, if you are a sour feminist who thinks the world would be a better place without (the wrong sort of) people. You know, people who like kids. 

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