Google Censors Trump Ad for Unspecified Reasons

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

I keep telling you about how severe the censorship by Big Tech is, and it is becoming background noise (or background silence?). 

So let me give you a concrete example: Google just booted this Trump ad that is completely, 100%, verifiably true for unspecified "policy violations."


"Policy violations?" I can tell you exactly what the violation is: this ad is targeted at minority voters and it is probably very effective. 

Google can't have that, can they?

We keep being told that Trump and the Republicans depend on foreign "election interference" in order to stay competitive, despite the fact that all sorts of investigations keep disproving it. Did not happen. 

On the other hand, right before our eyes, we keep getting examples of domestically-based election interference. Attempts to bankrupt Trump. Attempts to put Trump in jail. Constant propaganda from the MSM. Vicious slander of anybody who supports Trump. 

And, of course, censorship. 

This censorship is pervasive and not only aimed at Trump or even Republicans. It is used to distort everything you see, hear, and read. Our freedoms are evaporating before our eyes. Big tech allies with NGOs funded by the government to censor your speech, and the intelligence community uses false information ("Russian collusion," "Russian disinformation," and a phony rise in "White supremacist violence") to smear anybody who opposes the transnational elite. 


Look at how The Washington Post frames a story about the backlash against skyrocketing energy prices: it is "right-wing" to not go bankrupt to pay for green fantasies. 

It is infuriating, destructive, and complete propaganda intended to shape the electoral landscape. 

This is why I keep pounding on joining our VIP program. Without our VIP members, Big Tech will eventually crush us. That is their goal: silence all dissent from the Narrative™. 


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