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One of the most embarrassing things about modern America is how grossly ignorant our "educated" class is. 

They haven't a clue about anything. They are, for the most part, a brainwashed group of pseudo-intellectual communists who know as much about history and world affairs as they do about how nuclear fusion works. 


Probably less, come to think about it. They are just ignorant about nuclear fusion; most of what they "know" about world history is 2nd-grade-level Howard Zinn fantasies taught to them by people who speak nonsense about "our truths."

Not one of them could pass an entrance exam from an elite university from the 19th century. I would bet my life on it, or at least the life of one of these morons. I couldn't because my education was comparatively weak. Translations from Latin and Greek, geometric proofs, ancient geography, and history. Xenophon, Pericles, the Pelloppensian war. 

How far we have fallen. 

Many people are defending the idiocy of these students by comparing them to the idiocy of students of yore. That is only half fair and only true of students from the past 50 or so years. American education has sucked for a long time, and if you don't believe me, then read letters from Civil War soldiers, who were often educated in rural grade schools


Today's protesters don't know what they are protesting for or against, and when pressed admit: "I wish I was more educated."

These are Ivy League students. 

I went to an elite college and got a Masters' degree at an elite university, and having studied ancient and modern political philosophy, I developed a deep sadness about how relatively uneducated I am. Still, my education puts these students' to shame. 

It's dispiriting to see such passion matched with such ignorance. People with 16 years' education under their belts who have as much knowledge of history as the sans-culottes in the French Revolution. They are a mob. 

When I see "Queers for Palestine," I shake my head, totally unsurprised at the level of idiocy. These are people whose knowledge about the world is so deeply distorted that they see Islamists as their allies. 

When you see videos of students rejecting the idea that Hamas should release the hostages, all you can do is wince. These poor schlubs have been indoctrinated so much and at such a young age that their moral compass is permanently destroyed. 


I don't believe that all these kids are stupid. Many of them, in fact, are pretty smart. But they are ignorant fools and indoctrinated into a reflexively anti-Western mindset that would fit comfortably in China. 

Not that the Chinese regime would ever let its own kids be this poorly educated in practical matters. They can't even figure out how to cut a string:

Our educational system, from kindergarten to graduate school, is broken; worse, it is dedicated to brainwashing students. And the more elite the institution the more dedicated it is to brainwashing. 

"I wish I was more educated." That should be the motto of today's students. 

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John Stossel 5:30 PM | July 13, 2024