Alexandra Pelosi: January 6th Defendants Treated Unfairly

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Alexandra Pelosi has been filming a documentary on January 6th, and apparently she isn't impressed at all about how the protesters are being treated in court. 


Nor is she impressed with the transparency of the people who have the most information to disclose about what really happened on that fateful day. 

This information comes from a recorded phone call between Pelosi and January 6th defendant Greg Rubenacker, who was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the riot. 

So yeah, I got so much for me being, you know, having any power or any access or any, anything. I can't get anybody to call me back.  Um, yeah, I don't know why this video, I, I mean, I, I, I want to see all the video. I want to see every and all video because video doesn't lie. Video tells the truth. 

Yeah, I mean, you  can't, but does this make sense to you? Anything make sense to you from what I told you and the government side? Well, I gotta tell you a couple things. One,  you got, you got a liberal judge. She is out for blood, that lady. Now, I think I learned in kindergarten that, like, justice is supposed to be fair.

A judge is supposed to be, like, the same. By far the same.  And they're not supposed to be political, and they're not supposed to bring politics to it. And even though they're  Presidents appoint judges, they're not supposed to be political. And now, it's like, one judge, the judge you get really makes a difference.

Because the judges, some judges are giving probation and other ones are giving full jail time. So, for the same exact offense, like literally the same exact offense. Now, that is what's happening.  And that is not what people think is justice. Justice was supposed to be blind, remember? But, okay, so that's, okay, I know I sound amateur by saying that, but like, Ooh, it's political, you're surprised?


Pelosi is, of course, Nancy Pelosi's daughter and by no means a conservative shill. She's not some child of a prominent person who has decided to distance herself from her famous parents. 

She's a lefty. 

But not all liberals or conservatives are hypocrites. Some people say what they believe and actually try to be fair. This is true on both sides of the aisle, as I keep trying to point out. I know more than a few good liberals, and more than a few unfair conservatives. 

I'm not both-sidesing here. You know what I think about the institutional corruption of the Left, and the January 6th trials are a perfect example of that. I'm just happy to have liberals join us in the fight. 

And so it's, you know, the same offense and different judges are, are like using the opportunity to like make it political. So I think that's really weird. And I think that people would, I think people would be surprised to know that. But yours is particularly  egregious because it's so long. The sentence is so long that like it's, it doesn't make sense to me.

I, I, I, I. It's not like anybody talks to me and I can get any answers from anybody about anything. Cause you think I have all this kind of information, but I got nothing. Nobody's, nobody's telling me anything. No one's showing me any videos. I do get people leak me videos, but they're lawyers for people.

Like I, it's like I haven't called your lawyer and asked him to leak it to me because he's going to say no. But I try to get lawyers to leak me footage. You know how they have that, like that database that all the footage is in. I've got, I have a guy who's, I told to leak me your footage and he's like, okay, yeah, I have to put it on a hard, uh, thumb drive and I have to like sneak it to you somehow, you know, like that.


Pelosi is, of course, referring to the footage from the Capitol, almost all of which has been hidden from the public. And what little of it has leaked out has often contradicted the official Narrative™, with the "Q-Anon Shaman" being escorted around the Capitol by the police. He was made out to be some near-terrorist, but he prayed with the police. He helped them clear the Senate chamber when asked. 

She just did not care about Greg Rubenacker at all.  It's a weird story. It's just like a weird story, and it doesn't add up. Well, I think it just goes back to what you said. It's,  it's not a democratic process, and she's very being one sided.  Yeah, but I mean, if you'd gotten a different judge, you would have gotten a different sentence.

This is not supposed to be how the law works.  I'm glad I'm glad that I don't know why the government Like, no one in the government will talk to me. I don't know why the government wouldn't say we're going to knock down some of the charges. Because with everyone they're like, Okay, we'll take away the parading.

We'll take away the, um, obstructing an official proceeding. Like, everybody, everybody, everybody I've talked to, they've taken away, like, counts. And said, okay, if we did this, we'll take away this, this, this, and this. And all you have to say is you did this.  It's like, you're the first person I've ever heard of The government didn't give you a break. 


The audio we have is from a conversation between Pelosi and a defendant, so we don't know how much of Pelosi's sympathy is expressed to elicit more openness from the guy and how much is genuine bafflement at how unfair the process has been. 

But it wouldn't surprise me at all if a person who spends a lot of time with some of these protesters would come to the conclusion that they are being treated unduly harshly, because they are being treated unduly harshly. As Justice Gorsuch slyly insinuated, Congressman Bowman obstructed an official proceeding, and he isn't being charged with a felony. 

Equal justice under the law is a myth. The Democrats have been shoving that fact in our faces for years. 

Let's hope Pelosi tells that story in her documentary when it comes out. 

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